Now Everyone is an Author: Publishing eBooks from Mobile Phones

Instebooks provides 50 mobile apps that make it easy, fast and fun for consumers to preserve their stories, memories, experiences, and images in ebooks that they publish from their mobile phones.

Boston, MA, September 02, 2011 --( Instebooks, a mobile publishing start-up, today announced self-publishing in the extreme: anyone with one of the 50 Instebooks mobile apps can instantly publish an eBook from the mobile. Instebooks merges two ongoing revolutions – mobile and eBooks—to fill the timeless human need to share personal experiences, stories, and memories.

“Everyone has many stories to tell,” said Richard Reece, CEO of Instebooks, “yet few of us have the time or means to record, publish and share those stories.” Instebooks views the 100 million images uploaded daily to Facebook and the $685 million market for printed photo books (InfoTrends) as just a fraction of the stories not told. “So many stories would be interesting if we just had the time and tools to capture and share them,” said Reece.

Instebooks is designed with mobile at the core. “We focused on your mobile because it’s always where your stories start,” said Reece. To create stories users simply touch an image in a gallery and speak to their mobile. “You don’t need to type, just talk,” said Reece. “Our users complete rich eBooks in just minutes with only voice and simple touches.” Instebooks apps automatically convert the speech to text, form narratives, and index the content before publishing.

Published instebooks are real eBooks readable in most eReaders, smartphones, and tablets. Though published by amateur authors the eBooks surpass many professional eBooks in leveraging eBook technology to tell great stories. “It’s more than multimedia, it’s things like our automatic hyperlinked entries, encyclopedia references, and maps showing a user’s travels that make these eBooks so fun and interesting to create and read,” noted Reece. Instebooks provides eBook apps with extra content for lifestyle interests (Pottery, Wine), activities (Soccer, Fishing) and events (Memorial Day, Weddings).

In addition to organization and supplemental content, Instebooks also automatically inserts custom covers, a table of contents, maps, and an index into every eBook. Updating the story is easy and instebooks can be re-published at any time. “That’s our ideal, add entries on the fly and publish your stories serially, like Charles Dickens used to do.”

Of course, an eBook is not complete without an audience. “Sometimes that audience is just you,” said Reece, “and sometimes it’s your entire social network.” On publication, users can choose make their eBooks public and Instebooks will automatically store the eBook in the cloud and provide a webpage where the user’s audience can read it online or download it to an eReader. Instebooks will also update a user’s Facebook wall with a summary and a link to keep a user’s fan base informed. “For some dedicated social media users this might be a very large audience,” said Reece. “But publishers and best-selling authors have little to worry about-- for now.”

Jules Steinman