Evangelist Norman Moore Ministers in Exciting Revivals

“Breakthrough,” “Encouraging,” “Victories,, & “Jump-start” describe the recent local church revivals. Churches benefit from the preaching ministry of Evangelist Norman Moore.

Long Beach, CA, September 02, 2011 --(PR.com)-- “Our men’s prayer group meets every Thursday evening to pray for each other and for the needs of our church. As we prayed week after week we began to sense the need for revival in our church. Immediately I knew who we needed to have for our evangelist. Norman Moore had been with me two times in my former church, so I knew he was the man for the hour. That proved to be an impression that certainly was from the Lord.”

“I can’t say enough positive about Norman Moore’s ministry. He was sensitive to the Holy Spirit and hit the nail on the head each night of our revival campaign. Rev. Moore is a very articulate, relevant expositor of God’s Word. Our weekday evening services were attended by 75% of our morning worship crowd; attendance I have not seen in any revival campaign in my 35 years of ministry. People came to every service expecting to hear from God and they were not disappointed.”

“I love the way Norman gives people an opportunity to respond to the message of the hour. He lovingly invites people into God’s presence without any undue negative pressure or manipulation. He helps people see the compassionate, sympathizing Jesus who loves them beyond description. Our altars were lined in all services but one. On the evening he preached on healing of emotional wounds our service lasted for 2 ½ hours with heartfelt testimonies, spontaneous singing and joyful worship.”

“Not only is Rev. Moore a great revivalist, but my wife and I spend every moment we possibly can with Norman when he is with us. He is such a great encourager and is like having our own personal counselor for the week.”

Rev. Raynard Martin
Church of the Nazarene
Wadsworth, Ohio

Valley City, North Dakota

“We just completed a series of revival services with Rev. Norman Moore. He is easy to work with and has a very encouraging ministry. Probably a third of his ministry was to my wife and me: very much appreciated. His pulpit ministry gives insight into the Word; I learned something each service. He is masterful with how he uses real-life stories to illustrate sermons. We saw a breakthrough in openness to the altar, led by our newer families. There was an altar response in every service, with no coercion. Many needs were addressed.”

Rev. Fred Morrison
Church of the Nazarene
Valley City, North Dakota

Taft, California

Revival follow-up: “We had revival in January and I wanted to give an update of the lasting impact of revival. The victories that were experienced in January are still going strong four months later. The revival we had with Norman wasn’t just a flash-in-the-pan, but established life-long commitments.”

“ We have had new one-on-one discipleship relationships springing up as a result of the excitement people have in pursuing Christ. We also started a new Sunday School class to help disciple new people who are attending.”

Rev. Rodney Wicoff
West Hills Church of the Nazarene
Taft, California

Buena Park, California

“It has been a couple of months since revival and I wanted to let you what God has done in our church since that weekend in April. First off, most people did not even know what a revival was, even from our own church! That weekend the Holy Spirit raised the roof in our little church!”

“In the weeks that have passed, we have found the power of prayer; prayer for healing, and even that someone not having to go to jail! Our worship team has taken it up a notch and our Sunday morning worship is amazing! We have always been a “close-knit” family, now because we opened our hearts to hear Norman’s message and let God into our hearts, we are even closer. We care more, we love more, and we pray more!

“Thanks for giving us the jump-start we needed!”

Tami Newsham, Women’s Ministries
Crescent Avenue Family Ministries
Buena Park, California

Wadsworth, Ohio

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Norman Moore
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