Perry Accepts Offer to Develop, Host Global Interactive Forum on Domestic Violence

Victim advocate Suzanne Perry was confirmed to spearhead a new in-demand broadcast segment dedicated to domestic violence and abuse. eBroadcast Network's founder and producer, Charles Lewis, announced Tuesday Perry's assignment as Coordinator and Host of the"Global Forum on Domestic Violence." Guest Speakers from all walks are knocking down e-mail doors to get their voices heard.

Orchard Park, NY, September 03, 2011 --( Suzanne Perry has paved the way to hope for victims and survivors of domestic violence by sharing her story and taking victim advocacy to the air, social networking, live stream and in-person. The efforts have paid off, with a virtual promotion to host the first interactive Global Forum on Domestic Violence.

Perry suffered 22 years of mental and physical bashing at the hands of her husband. After finally having him arrested, she decided she was going to break her silence.

Announced Tuesday, founder and producer of the eBroadcast Network, Charles Lewis appointed Perry as the ringleader of his global forum on domestic violence as coordinator and host; complete with a live interactive weekly radio broadcast, events, and an annual summit in Barbados. Talks are already underway to expand the effort to TV.

Perry comments, "Its a perfect match, since I'm already in radio and have some key industry connections as a DV victim advocate; Charles has the entire production part of it in place. I'm getting flooded with emails from survivors and professionals alike - which is great, because we need all walks, professions, and countries to speak up, get heard and be involved in this global epidemic. I am honored beyond words to have this vital role!"

Through her advocacy work, Perry has connected with hundreds of survivors, businesses, organizations, politicians, law enforcement and industry professionals across the US and on other continents, many of whom will be invited as guest speakers on the weekly interactive radio program.

The eBroadcast website states, "This is a live, interactive broadcast and networking event hosted each week on Internet radio where Victims, Survivors, Advocates, Counselors, Coaches, Psychologists, Law Enforcement Agencies and Government Officials all over the world are invited to participate in our global forum discussions on Domestic Violence. The aim of this forum is to create a global networking platform for all persons involved in the fight against DV.

"Listeners can call in during the broadcasts to ask questions or to share their views, opinions and comments on the discussion topics using the internet, skype or telephone."

All involved eagerly look forward to post the schedule which is being feverishly worked on as guest speakers are confirmed. To be considered for appearing on the show, one needs to visit the site and fill out a request to join the "guests" group.

Sponsors and Business Partners are also encouraged to get involved by purchasing ad space.

About eRadio Broadcast Network:
eRadio Broadcast Network (eRBN) is an online production and broadcasting service.

eRBN was launched in May 2011 by Founder/Producer, Charles Lewis and is also a global network of eRadio Hosts who produce and broadcast shows on our online radio channel.

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About Suzanne Perry:
Suzanne Perry is a vibrant domestic violence victim advocate who has burst into the music scene and airwaves as the underdog's hero, friend to all and lover of life. Founder/CEO of OP Music House, a nonprofit promoting peace through music and healing through art. She hosts shows on Buffalo's WBNY-FM, Think Twice Radio and BlogTalkRadio, interviewing musicians, entertainment figures and overall do-gooders that mainstream won't cover.

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