Trinity Health Care Services Announces Additional Home Care Solutions for Seniors in Palm Beach, FL

Miramar, FL, September 03, 2011 --( Trinity Health Care Services, Inc. is delighted to announce that they are now offering home care services for seniors in Palm Beach County that are designed to meet their unique care needs. This new suite of solutions includes such vital services as 24/7 live in or out nursing care, nutritional assessments, diabetes management, tracheotomy care, wound care/dressing changes and medicine administration and management.

For those who are considering utilizing these new services either for themselves or for their loved ones, Trinity Health Care Services offer a free comprehensive assessment, conducted by an industry professional. This assessment will ensure that the specialists at Trinity Health Care Services find a care solution that matches the patient’s requirements precisely and allows the company to respond to the individual needs of each patient.

As millions of seniors across the United States currently suffer from a lack of professional medical care, organizations such as Trinity Health Care Services are striving to meet the high demand for medical services. Recently the company has also undertaken a drive to help educate seniors on how to detect, prevent and report health care fraud within the local community. This drive is helping to eliminate fraud that has cost the U.S. government billions of dollars per year, which then limits health care funding for seniors across the country.

With the company’s new roster senior’s home care services for seniors in Palm Beach, FL, Trinity Health Care Services’ highly qualified industry professionals are now better equipped to respond to the requirements of their patients across the state, as their work continues to give hope to those with urgent medical needs.

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