USSCO Federal Credit Union Renovations Strengthen Community Roots

Johnstown, PA, September 03, 2011 --( The USSCO Federal Credit Union has been a part of the Moxham section of Johnstown, Pa., since it was established in 1958 to serve the employees of the once massive U.S. Steel Company Johnstown Works. More than five decades later, USSCO Federal Credit Union continues to build on its Moxham roots through a recently completed $750,000 renovation.

The Moxham office celebrated a grand re-opening and ribbon cutting on June 22.

“We believe in our roots,” said Todd Cover, Chief Executive Officer of USSCO Federal Credit Union. “Moxham has been a home to USSCO Federal Credit Union since the beginning in 1958. We have a very large base of members in Moxham and those members are like family to us. A lot of small business members support us.

“We remain committed to supporting the U.S. Steel Company Johnstown Works retirees while also serving more than 600 small business clients or Select Employee Groups (SEG),” Cover added.

Joe Wambach and Monica Scott represented the Pennsylvania Credit Union Association at the ribbon cutting. Also present were architect Ben Policicchio, general contractor Jim Vasilko of Johnstown Construction and Robert Layo of the Greater Johnstown/Cambria County Chamber of Commerce. The USSCO Federal Credit Union management team and Board of Directors hosted the event.

USSCO utilized the services of local contractors that are members of the credit union throughout the renovations.

“This project illustrates how the community works together,” Cover said. “We supported our members who in turn used their resources and expertise to make these significant improvements to our building, which in turn will benefit all members.”

The renovations impressed both members and USSCO Federal Credit Union employees.

“Everything is new. It’s almost like a total transformation,” said Wendy Hinshaw, USSCO’s Moxham Community Manager. “It’s like watching a TV show with the before and after home. Nothing looks the same. It’s so much better.”

Improvements and expanded services made at the Moxham office include the addition of a 24-hour, drive-up ATM accessible to customers who prefer making transactions from within their vehicle and an Information Technology (IT) redundancy site installed on the second floor.

“The IT redundancy site improves our infrastructure and provides security that protects our member information,” Cover said.

Members also noticed new paint, paneling, tiles and other amenities that enhance customer service. The staff has upgraded computers to more efficiently service members.

“We’ve improved the surroundings for our members,” Hinshaw said. “We’ve made it more attractive and more welcoming when the members come in. It’s nice to reward them with something that is new. We have much more room.”

In addition to its Moxham Community Office at 522 Central Avenue, USSCO Federal Credit Union also has community offices in Richland Township, Ebensburg and Somerset. Thirty-nine employees at these four locations provide service to more than 14,000 accounts.

USSCO started with a small office located within the U.S. Steel plant in Moxham in 1958. A year later membership grew rapidly, partly due to an extended U.S. Steel strike. Eventually the office was established across the street from the plant on Central Avenue.

In 1978, the office relocated to 522 Central Avenue, the current address. As the U.S. Steel Company Johnstown Works was about to close, the USSCO Federal Credit Union Board of Directors had the insight to request an expansion of their charter from the National Credit Union Association. Since 1984, USSCO has continued to expand its membership beyond simply U.S. Steel members.

From 1984 through 1994 the Moxham office made improvements by adding a drive-up window and a second floor. Nearby buildings were demolished to provide additional parking.

During the past two years, extensive renovations improved the efficiency of the office.

“We started out here and we want to give back and show them how much we appreciate their business,” Hinshaw said of the Moxham community.

Added Cover, “These renovations are just part of an ongoing process at USSCO Federal Credit Union. We are looking to continue our growth in Moxham and throughout the region. We will build on our roots.”

Beverly Rager