SHOP CHAMBER™ Launches Free Interactive Directory for Chambers of Commerce

SHOP CHAMBER™ launches the first Interactive Directory for Chambers of Commerce which is compatible with every chamber membership software program. The Interactive Directory is free for Chambers and includes a desktop, laptop, tablet version and also a mobile version compatible with almost every mobile platform including iPhone, Android, Blackberry, and Windows Phone.

San Diego, CA, September 05, 2011 --( The SHOP CHAMBER™ interactive DIRECTORY plus™ and DIRECTORY mobile™ instantly convert a text based directory to an interactive visual user experience. DIRECTORY plus™ delivers chamber member’s business information along with Specials and Coupons to the desktop, laptop, notebook, and tablet including the iPad®. The DIRECTORY mobile™ delivers the same business information, Specials, and Coupons to users of the iPhone®, Android®, Blackberry®, Windows Phone®, and virtually every other Smartphone.

SHOP CHAMBER™ only needs the present member information existing on a Chamber's website to setup the DIRECTORY plus™ and DIRECTORY mobile™. Almost all Chambers will have the new services within 48 hours of when SHOP CHAMBER™ receives their member information.

The Chamber of Commerce represents a unique environment for deploying technology. The primary goal of every Chamber is to support all of their members. Not being in competition with members is of utmost importance and assures a Chamber of maintaining integrity within the business community. SHOP CHAMBER™ supports this need by providing the DIRECTORY plus™ and DIRECTORY mobile™ to the Chambers free of cost. The members who choose to offer a Special or Coupon are charged a very minor advertising fee. A small enough fee which has no impact on any business advertising budget whatsoever. In addition, SHOP CHAMBER™ shares revenue with the Chamber.

Every Chamber member receives a free listing including images, business description, hours of operation, website link, and level of service available. The SHOP CHAMBER™ service includes a BackOffice where members can add, update, or change information 24/7.

A big part of maintaining integrity with Chamber members is offering a level playing field for all businesses. The SHOP CHAMBER™ program is designed so that large national chain members with large advertising budgets, have no advantage over the small mom and pop businesses that play such a large role with every Chamber. All members participate on the same level playing field at an absolute minimum cost when they choose to offer a Special or Coupon.

The absolute minimum cost of a SHOP CHAMBER™ Special or Coupon includes daily changes, updates, and the latest in coupon fraud prevention and tracking. Customers visiting either DIRECTORY plus™ or DIRECTORY mobile™ will have coupons emailed to their Smartphone and/or printed out to present to the retailer. At the retailer's location, any employee with a Smartphone will scan or manually enter a coupon code and automatically know if the coupon is valid and mark it redeemed.

One of the difficulties Coupon deal sites have presented for retailers is an uncontrollable over-supply of customers, not able to be serviced properly. The SHOP CHAMBER™ BackOffice with real-time tracking allows a retailer to view coupon requests and control the coupon access on a daily basis. The SHOP CHAMBER coupon control allows the retailer to wait a day or two and restart the coupon or change the offer. SHOP CHAMBER™ has a fixed cost on all Special and Coupon offers and retailers receive 100% of the revenue.

The SHOP CHAMBER™ exclusive BackOffice gives every Chamber member complete control of their message, their promotional offers, and places their business in front of every member of their community 24/7. In business “timing is everything” and the control SHOP CHAMBER™ gives you, places the ball in your court.

Full DIRECTORY plus™ and DIRECTORY mobile™ demo’s may be seen at SHOP CHAMBER on the Internet.

The SHOP CHAMBER™ sole purpose is to support the Chamber of Commerce and its members in their community. We combine Offline Resources, in the form of promotional materials, with cutting edge Online Technology to deliver the Chamber members message and value daily.

Our technology resources are designed to offer all Chamber members a level playing field. The small mom and pop business can present their business in the same manner as national chain members. Our slogan of "Keep US Strong" includes every member of your Chamber.

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Jim Vleck