InitiumFive, LLC Launches New iPhone App

Livewell - The Ultimate Fishing Journal. Featured in the September/October issue of Bassmaster Magazine, this iPhone app represents a balance of technology and outdoors.

Montgomery, AL, September 02, 2011 --( "...the coolest tool on your bass boat." - Bassmaster Magazine

Livewell - The Ultimate Fishing Journal, great iPhone app for tournament anglers and fishing enthusiasts now available on the Apple App Store.

InitiumFive, LLC, a start-up app development firm, presents a new vision for the world of outdoors: Livewell - The Ultimate Fishing Journal. Featured in the September/October issue of Bassmaster Magazine (page 16), this iPhone app is a fusion of technology and outdoors. Livewell, at its core, is an easy to use fish weight calculator that uses industry standard formulas for weight estimation. The intuitive features allow users to not only estimate the weight of most North American freshwater sport fish but also create a personalized fishing journal storing GPS coordinates, location information, photos, species information and the date of each catch. Livewell is also an educational tool containing specific "how to" guides for differentiating between species featuring color-coded location maps. Fishing enthusiasts, from the beginner to the pro angler, will find Livewell to be the perfect companion for every trip or tournament.

Quotes from user reviews:

"Works great, I deleted 3 others apps after I used this one. I'm going to name my next bass 'Livewell!'" – Scott Kitchens

"This is good stuff! It is easy to use, intuitive and has great graphics!" - Moyarty

"The app will be most useful for anglers who are seeking a B.A.S.S. Slam because each species of black bass is described and illustrated..." - Bassmaster Magazine

InitiumFive, LLC was launched in 2010 to bring an elemental change to the app world. Initium (in-it-teeum) is Latin for “beginning” or “origin” and five represents the number of founding members. The fundamental company principles were born over 12 years ago when three of the managing partners met and began developing strong relationships. Through many adventures, challenges and tests, they have learned to think outside the box and depend on each other. InitiumFive's vision is to revolutionize the way consumers use, interact, view and even think about their mobile devices. The company understands that this comes from a balance of technology and everyday life, leading us to create innovative applications that take advantage of the robust functionality built into each device. InitiumFive, LLC represents each partner's unique view allowing their talent and skills to define the Element of Innovation.

InitiumFive, LLC's Chief Administrative Officer stated:

"The mobile device market is in its infancy, specifically application development. Livewell represents the present, a true transitional application from old to new, with the release of iOS 5 later this year, InitiumFive, LLC is poised to be a leader in this newly emerging software market." – P Newman, CAO

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InitiumFive, LLC
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