HubShout's SEO Reporting Dashboard is Now Available as a Separate Service for SEO Firms in Need of an Automated All-in-One Reporting Tool

SEO firms can take advantage of HubShout's white label SEO reporting software while continuing to perform SEO and other search marketing tasks for their clients.

Falls Church, VA, September 04, 2011 --( HubShout, LLC, a U.S.-based white label SEO reseller operation, provides a full menu of search marketing services, including SEO, Pay-Per-Click Advertising, Email Marketing, Social Media Marketing and Local Maps. The SEO reseller service is ideal for Web designers and developers, advertising agencies, PR firms and any firm whose clients need search marketing services. HubShout performs the work behind-the-scenes and the client sees only the reseller’s logo and brand on the custom SEO reseller dashboard.

HubShout’s dashboard is an invaluable tool for SEO resellers. All they need to do is sell the services and leave the tasks and reporting to HubShout. SEO firms that do not wish to outsource but struggle to gather and analyze data, provide data and reports to clients, document workflow and demonstrate results will benefit enormously from the efficiency of the dashboard. All of the campaign data is readily available on the client’s dashboard and the client can log in 24/7 to see the data. Automated reports and alerts and can be set up and automatically emailed to the client on a regular schedule.

Clients who sign up for reporting services receive the same white label SEO reporting dashboard that is provided to resellers. The dashboard is integrated with Google Analytics and data is automatically collected and fed to the portal. Organic visits are reported as well as a count of backlinks, domain authority, Google rank for targeted keywords, campaign tasks, articles that have been written and links to published content. HubShout filters two categories for organic traffic – brand and non-brand keywords – allowing clients to see the progress of non-brand keywords, an essential metric for SEO clients. Clients can also see the Google rank for targeted keywords at the start of the campaign and the current rank, giving the SEO firm even more concrete evidence of the progress of the campaign. Firms that are managing PPC campaigns can show their clients month-to-date clicks, conversions, cost per conversion and total spend per keyword. Goals and projected results are visible on the dashboard as proof that the campaign is meeting all objectives. The system generates an automated monthly report, branded with the SEO firm’s logo, and emails the report to clients.

SEO professionals can track leads, sales, social media campaign data, social media mentions and email marketing campaigns on the dashboard’s all-in-one reporting screen. HubShout recently launched a white label Email Marketing Service that clients can use to send newsletters, alerts and other communications to their clients and prospects. Currently, HubShout is offering the email marketing tool to its clients at cost. Clients pay only ten cents for every 1,000 email messages they send. Data from email marketing campaigns is reported on the dashboard alongside SEO, PPC and other marketing data, and included in the client’s automated monthly report.

Clients who sign up for HubShout’s reporting service have an advantage over their competitors because they can demonstrate exactly what the campaign data flow will look like. Their prospects are impressed by the tangible results. They see that they will be able to measure their return on investment and make educated decisions about their search marketing campaigns going forward. Upon signing up for HubShout’s reporting service, a client remarked: “I’ve looked at other SEO dashboards and yours is what everyone else is trying to do. You nailed it.” SEO professionals who use the HubShout dashboard for reporting tend to see an increase in business and often outsource SEO to HubShout when they are unable to manage the increased workload. The HubShout SEO reseller program has flexible plans to suit a wide range of needs.

HubShout’s dashboard is designed on the principal of transparency and accountability, enabling HubShout resellers to demonstrate the value of the work they are doing for their clients. Resellers’ clients see all of the data from their campaigns and see a connection between SEO results and business success. In July, HubShout upgraded the dashboard to include enhanced data, clearer labels and tabs, animated graphs, larger space for the reseller’s logo, more color choices for branding, and a cleaner more contemporary style. Together, the reporting capabilities and slick design set HubShout’s dashboard apart and resellers confirm that the HubShout dashboard makes a significant difference in their ability to sell SEO and other search marketing services.

SEO professionals can contact HubShout directly for a demo of the white label SEO reporting dashboard.

Ellen Gipko