Virtualphoneline Virtual Phone Number Service Wins Computerworld Laureate Medal

Washington, DC, September 04, 2011 --( VirtualphonelineTM, since 1999, has empowered hundreds of thousands of individuals and organizations to have a local presence anywhere around the world., a leading source of technology news and information for IT influencers, awards Virtualphoneline as a Computerworld Laureate Medal and letter of congratulations in the area of Communications.

Virtualphoneline and its related niche services such as Groovytel and Phone2Net have won awards from TMCNet and Google Enterprise Gallery. It is available just by texting +44-7937-900030 with a message of 'join,' or anyone can use the simple OpenID method.

“A Virtualphoneline can make a person or organization start receiving many more calls from potential and current customers, vendors, family, friends and other social or business partners. In a world where there is still long distance international calling, Virtualphoneline reduces cost and brings in more calls from those who matter to us. Even though I live in Tel Aviv, I get millions of calls per year from Tokyo where I have a Virtualphoneline because many of my family, my second office, and my customers lives and work,” states Josef Goldsmith, a veteran user of the service since 2000. “I don't want them to hesitate to call me. They don't because they call my Tokyo number, and it rings on my smart phone Gtalk.”

“The Virtualphoneline service was created by Rehan Allahwala in 1999, making it the first to enable people and businesses to be accessible to others anywhere in the world where a phone number is pointed to IP. How does this work? A person or organization buys a Virtualphoneline number from a city or cities where they have the most current and potential VIP (very important people). Those VIP might be family, students, potential customers or remote offices,” said Ahsan Saleem, Virtual Phone Line's Chief Operating Officer.

Zsuzsanna Fajcsak adds,“A genius Bangladeshi inventor/entrepreneur buys a Virtualphoneline from NYC, so people there will call his local NYC number to do business with him. A Redwood City businessman buys a Kuala Lumpur number, so his mother who lives there, can call it any time she needs and it will ring the professional guy's phone or Instant messenger, whatever he chooses. We are honored that Virtual Phone Line is recognized among the Computerworld 2011 Laureate Medal Award winners for our case study that we submitted.”

The Computerworld program noted on where company applicants' case studies were posted that Virtualphoneline is unique. In a traditional world, people in remote areas are fenced in by lack of communication with developed areas. A Virtualphoneline makes those remote innovators and entrepreneurs local to developed areas and gives opportunity to improve lives of people around the world for just a few dollars per month.

“Virtualphoneline's achievements were duly recognized at the Laureate Medal Ceremony and Awards Gala. We know the Virtualphoneline group will continue to lead others in using technology and innovation to pave the way in addressing the world's most urgent needs such as in cloud computing,
education, collaboration, global relief efforts, and other widely endorsed initiatives. Together, we're making a difference, across the globe,” shares Jeff McNaught, Chief Marketing and Strategy Officer at Wyse Technology.

Wyse Technology was among the prestigious sponsors of 2011 Computerworld Honors Program in Washington, D.C. Enclosed with the letter of congratulations was also the highly coveted Computerworld Laureate Medal Award of Honor.

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