Neoflam Australia Launches Eco-Friendly Cookware

Mullumbimby, Australia, September 13, 2011 --( Welcome to Neoflam Australia! The world of cookware has evolved as with most things, but the fundamentals of cooking itself and feeding one's family have not changed since the dawn of modern man. Cooking is universal, it crosses all divides and it not only nourishes us, but also allows us to explore creativity and helps us to express our love. It does this without words yet has so much meaning understood by each and every one of us, and uses only the language of food to do so.

With food and cooking being arguably the most important aspects of human life, Neoflam has made it their mission to produce cookware of a quality that is uncompromising in every way. Neoflam, pioneers of the eco-friendly, “healthy pan™” cookware range are fast becoming the #1 choice for Australian kitchenware consumers. With trendy, stylish and unique designs Neoflam is a fresh approach to your culinary needs and makes daily kitchen-life simple, healthy, colourful and fun. Their range not only compliments your kitchen with effortless style but also provide a means to make your home cooked meals as healthy as possible, this is due to their revolutionary non-stick coating “Ecolon.” Ecolon, unlike most other non-stick coatings is made from all natural materials.

Some points to consider:

• Neoflam is an International company manufacturing healthy cookware. To guarantee quality control all the cookware is made in one factory in Korea -its country of origin.

• Neoflam's unique Non Stick Coating is called "Ecolon" - Ecolon is 100% free from harmful chemicals and heavy metals, safe for the human body and the environment. Ecolon uses an advanced technology exclusive to Neoflam.

• Ecolon is a ceramic based coating which is mostly made of silicon dioxide (also known as silica or SiO2), a material most commonly found in nature in sand, rocks and minerals.

• The non-stick "Ecolon" coating is extremely scratch resistant (unlike most other non-sticks) which means you can use metal utensils with them.

• The cookware is made of cast Aluminum that is coated with Ecolon to prevent any leaching.

• It uses the same heating principles as traditional cast iron cookware with a thick base and sides.

• It heats faster and at a lower heat thus it retains a high level of nutrition in the cooked food.

• The light weight design makes it more functional and user friendly.

• The Ecolon coating when heated emits 20 times more anion (negative ions) than typical cookware. Anion has long been associated with improvements in mood and physical health.

• Vibrant colours and sleek designs that adds life to your kitchen. They are funky enough to use as serving dishes (that means less dishwashing).

• Easy to clean

• Dishwasher safe

Colour your life with Neoflam. The Healthy Pan ™. For Healthy living.

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Neoflam Australia Pty Ltd
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Mullumbimby, NSW 2482