Wocoski Publishes 2nd Edition of Our Seasons of Ardent Love

Our Seasons of Ardent Love by Joe Wocoski is now available in its 2nd edition. This updated collection of 21 modern sonnets embraces their passionate caring love of a man and woman throughout their lives. From the springtime when their love first bloomed through the hot summer of their life, then as the leaves turn in color in the autumn air their love follows suite, to their final winter together with all their memories and desires shared eternally between them, their love endures.

Gaithersburg, MD, September 06, 2011 --(PR.com)-- Our Seasons of Ardent Love by Joe Wocoski is the second edition has a new cover and the twenty one love sonnets are reformatted in this new updated collection embracing the passionate and eternal love of a man and woman over their lifetime. These sonnets, written for his wife, capture the essence of a lifetime of love by following the poetic tale of two lovers throughout their lives, creating a vision of their lifelong love seeing them through each season of their Tree of Life.

The poetry in Our Seasons of Ardent Love follows the four seasons of their Tree of Life:

Spring is when trees and flowers and their love first blooms filled with dreams.

Summer is the time spent outside under the Tree of Life when love is passionate.

Autumn is when trees lose their leaves and lovers age, but their love endures.

Winter is the twilight time of shorter days and lovers reminisce with each other.

The Epilogue is a longing moment shared, eternally here and in the beyond.

Our Seasons of Ardent Love by Joe Wocoski is now available on-line from Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Borders, Create Space and other online book retailers.

Joe Wocoski - Author
Joe Wocoski
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