Chyten Invites Asheville Area Students to Take a Free ACT vs SAT Comparison Test

Asheville, NC, September 06, 2011 --( With ACT gaining a foothold in the Eastern and Western United States, and with all colleges in America now accepting ACT as readily as they accept SAT, many students are left wondering which test to take - which test matches their academic abilities. Students in Asheville are invited to take Chyten's revolutionary "ACT vs SAT Comparison Test" to determine which test represents their best match.

This test is offered, free of charge, on Saturdays at 9:00 AM and on Sundays at 1:00 PM (simply call Chyten at 828-505-2495 to schedule).

After taking the test, students receive a detailed diagnostic report that provides information on their relative performance on the ACT vs. the SAT.

Chyten's Magnostic Diagnostic is the most comprehensive diagnostic tool in existence today. Not only does it offer a categorical analysis of test performance, it identifies student tendencies in more than 100 reading, writing and mathematical categories, then analyzes student performance factors such as point cost factor, fatigue factor, answer distribution, confidence factor and more.

With its detailed graphical analysis, the Magnostic provides both visual and linear representations of performance that can easily be turned into a plan of action to improve scores and confidence.

For more information, visit Chyten's website at or email today.

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Brian Caskey