Offers a Trustworthy, Accredited Alternative for Penny Auctions

Prague, Czech Republic, September 07, 2011 --( Hummbid Auctions is bringing a trustworthy and accredited alternative to the world of penny auctions. The company has been accredited by security companies in the United States and is expanding its capacity to offer only the best and most popular products through its online auctions.

“We are stepping up to be a leader in the market based on trust, and we are excited to offer consumers our distinctive approach to penny auctions,” said President Sondra Makjej.

Hummbid is introducing a “trust” concept in penny auctions, which are also referred to as reverse bidding. With Hummbid Auctions, bidders can have the confidence of knowing they are dealing with a “real” company. They can also take comfort in Hummbid’s open and straightforward approach to facilitating bids between sellers and buyers. The auction website has multiple categories of items up for bid, including cash and coupons; tablets and handhelds; and videogames. Winning bidders can walk away with everything from Apple iPads and iPods to gift cards and Wii video games.

“Penny auctions are becoming increasingly popular among all ages because it is a different and fun way for people to obtain certain popular products for a fraction of the cost,” Makjej said.

Hummbid has a variety of live auctions all running simultaneously on the site. Penny auctions are by far the most popular type among the featured auctions. Here’s how they work: Penny auctions allow bidders to pay a preset amount for each bid. When each bid is placed, the price of the item increases by a penny or any other amount the bidder chooses. Hummbid also offers Reverse auctions where bidders can watch the price decrease, Peak auctions that are automatically set to pause and resume at peak times and Nailbiter auctions that require users to remain at their computer to follow the auction and place the highest bid. There are also Beginner auctions for new members and even free auctions that don’t charge anything for placing bids.

While penny auction websites give consumers the benefit of being able to save money on a wide variety of items, they have received a bad name over the years. The Better Business Bureau has reported a high volume of complaints about the industry. Among the most common complaints, consumers said they were automatically charged fees or couldn't reach customer service representatives.

However, Hummbid Auctions is differentiating itself as a legitimate penny auction website that users can depend on to operate with the highest ethics. The company was born out of the vision of a group of Internet businessmen who sought to bring the idea of accredited and credible penny auctions to the marketplace. The group is actively working with providers in the United States, Europe and Asia. Hummbid Auctions will soon be expanding into the Canadian market, as well as other countries.

To learn more about Hummbid Auctions and its new penny auction website, please visit Or contact Sondra Makjej at 855-486-6787 for more information.

Sondra Makjej