Cell Phone Accessories Shop DockandCover Predict the Phone Accessories Market Will Heat Up by New SONY 3D Photography Phone

SONY is going to release a new smartphone that is able to take 3D pictures on a standard 2D camera, Cell Phone Accessories Shop DockandCover predict this will warm up SONY’s accessories market.

Shenzhen, China, September 19, 2011 --(PR.com)-- SONY’s new smartphone, which will be able to take 3D panoramic photos is expected to appear in the market next month. Cell Phone Accessories Shop DockandCover forecast this will heat up SONY’s accessories’ market.

The 3D craze has taken over cinemas and lounge rooms and now it's taking over smartphones.

SONY Ericsson’s new top-of-the-range mobile phone will be able to take 3D panoramic pictures using a standard 2D camera.

By taking multiple images and then stitching them together, the Xperia Arc S will be able to simulate 3D on any appropriately equipped 3D television, according to the manufacturer. On the phone itself, pictures will only be viewable in 2D.

Roberto Morrison, the public relations Manager of DockandCover, announced the launch of the 3D photography phones will heat up SONY’s accessories market. “This autumn is not only the time of iPhone 5; SONY’s Xperia Arc S is also an attractive phone. One big reason people have chosen iPhone is the many kinds of skins and accessories. But you can also find phone skins, covers and other accessories of common brand name phones on DockandCover, such like SONY Ericsson, Samsung, HTC, Nokia ,LG and iPhone,” said Roberto Morrison.

According to Roberto Morrison, since phone decoration became a cultural part of people’s modern life, DockandCover launched many kinds of phone accessories to satisfy customers’ needs.

Roberto Morrison added, “The good news is 3D functionality will not be limited to the Xperia Arc S. From October, the users will have access to 3D camera function with the roll out of the Android 2.3.4 upgrade. We can see that the expected things in this autumn are not only the iPhone 5, also the upgraded Android. The smartphone will continue to be most people’s choice and you can always find suitable accessories for your smartphone on DockandCover.”

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Roberto Morrison