Retail Industry Veteran Releases Free eBook to Help Retail Store Owners Boost Profits

Retail Owners can get over 260 pages of strategies, tips and more to assist retail owners for free for a limited time.

Plano, TX, April 07, 2007 --( Thanks to an ebook entitled “Shocking Truth to Retail Store Success,” retail store owners have a valuable new resource to help them enhance their business. The unique book, released by Jrob Consult as a downloadable PDF file, is available free of charge for a limited time to all retail store owners. It’s full of insider information that can help retail store owners run their operation more efficiently and increase their earnings.

The book reveals what author Jerry Robertson calls the “Sterna Principle”, which represents six behaviors that all good businesses should be doing. The principle—interestingly named after his extraordinary Rottweiler—promotes the following concepts:

Superior customer service
Terrific place to work
Educate your employees
Resistance to change reduced
New exciting ideas
Always improving

The need for good information is critical in the retail industry, according to Robertson, CEO of Jrob Consult. Each year, 100,000 U.S. retailers go out of business, he explains. Many of the closures are due to retirement, but most are due to poor performance. The “Shocking Truth to Retail Store Success” is designed to help combat the high failure rate among store owners.

“Most retail store owners are knowledgeable about their industry, but could do a better job in running their company,” Robertson says. “With the tips and strategies in our book, they could improve their daily operation and profits.”

In addition to serving as a lifeline to struggling retail store owners, the new ebook is aimed at helping independent store owners compete against the big box retailers. The book offers insight into how retailers can gain a competitive edge through a variety of strategies, including:

Reducing expenses/costs
Differentiating themselves to stand out with customers
Making tactical changes to enhance business
Taking calculated risks that can pay off in big profits

The “Shocking Truth to Retail Store Success” is the electronic version of a printed book that retails for $20 on Websites like Both books are based on solid information, research and years of industry experience. Robertson, is also the publisher of the revealing books, has more than 25 years of retail management/consulting experience. Having managed 13 different drug stores and 20 consulting projects, he has been responsible for 55 employees and up to $10 million in annual sales. Robertson also has several years of retail management experience in the pet industry.

As principal of Jrob Consult, Robertson strives to provide large-company consulting services to small and medium-sized retail stores. His services are designed to help companies increase sales, manage growth, improve profitability and, if necessary, close their doors. “We want to help independent retailers to be more successful,” Robertson says. “If that is not possible, we let the owners know, so they can maximize their liquidation.”

The “Shocking Truth to Retail Store Success” is available online at

For more details about the ebook or Jrob Consult’s services, contact Jerry Robertson at 469-867-3317 or 1-800-507-3046.

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