is Please to Announce New Client Ro'i Tov & His Book, The Cross of Bethlehem, a True Story About a Christian Israeli Military Officer is pleased to announce the promotion of Ro'i Tov's book, The Cross of Bethlehem. The Cross of Bethlehem by Ro’i Tov portrays the struggle of being a Christian Israeli military officer.

New York, NY, September 08, 2011 --( New Memoir Goes Inside Christian Captain’s Time in Israel Defense Force.

The Cross of Bethlehem by Ro’i Tov portrays the struggle of being a Christian Israeli military officer.

In his new book, Ro’i Tov seeks to reveal life in Israel as a Christian Israel Defense Force (IDF) officer– from human rights violations to the use of an extensive network of underground agents.

Tov grew up as an outsider in the tight-knit kibbutz along the Jordan Valley. In The Cross of Bethlehem, Tov seeks to share how he was caught between staying steadfast in his Christian faith and remaining obedient to his country’s military. Caught in a military that challenges his spiritual and moral beliefs, Tov achieved the rank of captain while serving in the IDF. When he left Israel and threatened to disclose the details of what he’s witnessed to the world, Tov became a refugee, traveling to Thailand, China, the United States and South America.

The Cross of Bethlehem is a memoir of a Christian Israeli military officer caught in the crosshairs between a country that demands total obedience, even if that means firing on rock-throwing women and children, and following his conscience. In a story of faith and courage, tragedy and hope, the author, Ro’i Tov, shares the heartache of growing up an outsider in the tight-knit kibbutzim along the Jordan Valley. It is here that his sharp intelligence, instead of buying him the freedom he so desperately desires, traps him in a company without a moral compass and a military that challenges his spiritual and moral beliefs. When he leaves Israel and threatens to tell the world what he has witnessed, he finds himself on a high-stakes journey that takes him from Thailand to China, from the US to South America. Only time will tell if justice will prevail and faith will conquer fear so that God’s message of love and peace can be revealed.

"There are no other works about Israel from a Christian angle and by an IDF officer," says Tov. "Israel is in the news daily, and I believe my book gives a refreshing view on the events occurring in Israel."

Recent Reviews:

“Tov charts an extraordinary journey of isolation on a kibbutz, awakening to Christianity, being conscripted into the Israeli Defence Force (becoming a captain), having a career in science and business, and attracting undue attention of Israel’s secret services.

“His sense of moral outrage over Israeli intransigence towards the Palestinians has made him an enemy of the state... Following attempts on his life, in 2002 Tov left Israel and became a stateless refugee, traveling through Southeast Asia, the USA, and South America with the Mossad and CIA in pursuit.” – Nexus Magazine

Book Information:
The Cross of Bethlehem: The Memoirs of a Refugee
Author: Ro'i Tov
Publisher: BookSurge
ISBN: 978-1439257708
Pages: 350
Published: November 2009

About The Author
Ro’i Tov is a graduate of Tel Aviv University and the Weizmann Institute of Science. In addition to his memoir, Tov is published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, Molecular Physics and other scientific journals.
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