Top 5 Reasons to Distribute an iPhone/iPad e-Book Through iBooks with the Help of a Convenient New Full-Service Publishing Option

For the first time, self-publishing authors can now conveniently distribute an e-book edition of their book through the Apple iBooks bookstore while owning the files, the ISBN, and all the royalties.

Denver, CO, September 06, 2011 --( Up until recently there was no simple, convenient way for self-publishing authors to create and distribute e-book editions of their books through Apple's iBookstore without losing all of the control and a lot of the money. That changes with the launch of a new service from Outskirts Press, the fastest-growing full-service self-publishing and book marketing firm.

Here are the top 5 reasons authors are distributing e-books through Apple's iBookstore and using the new iPad/iPhone Premium Edition with Private Label iBooks Distribution from Outskirts Press to do it:

1. Dramatically increase the book's exposure

Over 70 million electronic Apple devices have sold and the sales figures keep growing. iPhone revenues account for over half of all smart phone revenue in the United States. Simply put, it is a huge market that cannot be ignored, especially for authors interested in broadening the reach of their book. Like with many other e-book formats, readers who find your book in the iBookstore can begin reading immediately after purchase. Not only does this reduce author cost – based on the cost of print books – but it also cuts reader costs down substantially with the elimination of printing and shipping costs.

2. Lead the e-book market

Apple's iPad is at the forefront of the e-book craze. According to, "(The iPad) is the first e-book reading experience we've seen that seems to truly understand the visceral, sensual enjoyment of holding an actual volume in your hand." Unlike Kindle, which only offers black and white text, reading on the iPad/iPhone is appropriate and engaging for all books -- black and white or full-color. In addition, Apple is forecasting that over twenty-eight million iPads will be sold by the end of this year. This will put all the books available in the iBookstore at the fingertips of even more readers.

3. Full ownership and control

Unlike other submission services, The iPad/iPhone Premium Edition with Private Label iBooks Distribution option from Outskirts Press registers an exclusive ISBN in the author's name and an exclusive Apple account in the author's name (or uses the author's pre-existing Apple account). This means the author, and only the author, is the true publisher of record for the iPad edition. The author holds all the control, and keeps 100% of the royalties paid by Apple. “Not only can authors now publish under their own name or imprint with this new option,” said Outskirts Press Vice President Kelly Schuknecht, “they also have full control over their retail price. Apple takes only thirty percent. The Authors keep the remaining seventy percent, and it is deposited directly to their account. There is no middle-man taking a cut."

4. Convenient and easy

Authors who have tried to create an .epub file themselves or attempted to navigate Apple's daunting submission process know how challenging it can be. No longer. Outskirts Press takes care of all the behind-the-scenes leg work for authors and lets them sit back, collect all the money, keep the .epub file, and bask in all the glory that comes along with exposure over seventy million iPad and iPhone owners. "In the beginning, I looked at working directly with Apple myself on this project. After reviewing everything that was involved-- time and money-- it was clear that I was way ahead, once again, letting the experts handle it all for me," stated David A. Koop, author of Cancer: It's a Good Thing I Got It, in reference to the new service from Outskirts Press.

5. All authors can do it, regardless of where they published

It's fast, easy, convenient, and all authors (self-published or otherwise) can take advantage of this new service, regardless of where the hardcopy edition was published; although authors who have published with Outskirts Press save 15%.

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