Deskaway Releases Social Tasks - Let Others Around You Help You Work Smarter

Internet users use Twitter and Facebook a lot. From helping users to get in touch with customers, to providing updates about their product etc. Now, DeskAway lets users share their tasks on their social networks.

Mumbai, India, September 09, 2011 --( DeskAway's team uses Twitter and Facebook. From helping them getting in touch with their customers, to providing updates about their product, the benefit of using these tools has been incredible for them. But why limit these tools to only updates, feedback and marketing? Hence they are now taking this one step ahead.

DeskAway now lets its users share their tasks from their Task list with their friends on Facebook and their followers on Twitter. It’s never been easier to get help on social networks and collaborate on a task - to work smarter and faster.

With this helps users ask their followers on Twitter and friends on Facebook to provide feedback on the design that they are working on or ask them for help to gather the best resources the SEO project. Collaborate and complete work with help from people outside their team. The possibilities are endless, combining tasks and the power of the social network.

Social Tasks are permission based:
To share the task one needs to click "Share" and choose the Social network. Then system will generate a short URL and redirect them to a "Tweet" page on Twitter or "Share Link on Facebook" depending on the social network they select.

If they choose to share on Twitter, the last part of the tweet is kept as is. This will be the shortened URL for the followers to come back to and leave their comment.

The shortened URL will lead people back to the Social Task page on DeskAway.
People wanting to leave a comment will need to log in either via Twitter or Facebook. After a successful authentication, the user will be redirected back to the Social Task page, where the user can add comments to the task.

Each person gets to add only one comment. The person can choose to return and update their comment at a later stage.

Hopefully people will enjoy using Social Tasks to let others around them help them work smarter and faster.

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