New Outdoor Game for GPS Users Was Launched

Kralupy nad Vltavou, Czech Republic, September 09, 2011 --( GeoCheckpointing, a new outdoor game for GPS users, was launched in beta version this week. The goal of this game is to find control points called GeoCheckpoints which are placed near interesting places.

The first GeoCheckpoints were placed in Denmark, Sweden, Germany, Austria, Slovakia and the Czech Republic. There are about 50 GeoCheckpoints near big cities so over 5,000,000 people can start to seek for them near their homes right now.

There are two ways that the users can find GeoCheckpoints -- using a GPS unit or a map. After registering at, the users can obtain GPS coordinates of the GeoCheckpoints or display them on the map. They seek the GeoCheckpoints using this information. Every GeoCheckpoint contains a 3-letter code. Users note this code and use it at to log their visit.

Every user can also place a GeoCheckpoint for others. It is possible to generate it in the members control panel. Generated GeoCheckpoints can be printed and made waterproof using a plastic bag. Then the user places it near some interesting place and locates the GPS coordinates. Then they submit the GeoCheckpoint details in the control panel and after the admin approval the GeoCheckpoint is available to other seekers.

For more information about this new outdoor game for GPS users please visit Feel free to send your questions using the contact form at

Petr Sejba