Chef Adrianne Calvo to Enter Into New Publicity Agreement with Panda Kitchen and Bath

Miami, FL, September 09, 2011 --( Chef Adrianne Calvo, a renowned Miami, Florida-based culinary artist whose reach encompasses a multi-media presence and successful West Kendall restaurant, has been re-signed by home remodeling leader Panda Kitchen and Bath to a multi-year endorsement agreement to serve as the company's spokesperson. Additionally, this new arrangement will include retaining Chef Adrianne's services as the focus of Panda's 2011-2012 television advertising campaign, increasing her already prominent profile on the South Florida airwaves.

Being featured on the small screen is becoming a familiar role for the vibrant Chef Adrianne, who for over 2 years has also enjoyed a successful presence on NBC’s morning local programming block through her segment, Maximum Flavor. This Thursday late morning fixture, which started in mid-2009, appeals to the viewers' appetites by introducing them to one of Adrianne's recipes. The dishes featured represent her unique and deliciously eclectic culinary style and are prepared in a state-of-the-art kitchen facility custom built by Panda Kitchen & Bath at the NBC 6 studios in Miramar, Florida.

During the course of her original agreement with Panda Kitchen, spanning the last 2 years, Chef Adrianne has represented the company at a diverse number of events throughout the South Florida area, often utilizing cutting edge Panda kitchens to bring Maximum Flavor to the masses. Chef Adrianne has appeared in exhibits and events co-sponsored by Panda Kitchen and Bath such as the Miami-Dade County Youth Fair, the Health and Fitness Expo, the Fun and Fit As a Family event, the Iron Fork 2010 culinary competition, and the NFL Play Community Blitz. She also served as a celebrity guest chef for the Panda Kitchen and Bath and Whole Foods Kitchen Giveaway, where she prepared a multiple course meal for the winner of the contest in the summer of 2010.

"I've enjoyed my association with Panda Kitchen from the beginning, and I feel that we've been able to accomplish a great deal during our initial agreement," remarked Chef Adrianne. "I'm excited about continuing to help bring their quality products and services to an even greater level of visibility through my own endorsements and activities in our community."

Panda Kitchen and Bath was established in 2000 by the Huang family, shortly after their arrival in Miami from mainland China two years prior. The company, which provides significantly cost-effective kitchen and bath remodeling services with high-end materials, has experienced consistent and rapid expansion over its 11 years of existence. Panda Kitchen and Bath has grown to 27 locations and over 500,000 square feet of total warehouse space along the east coast of the United States since 2006, while also claiming ownership of a quarry and manufacturing plant that allows it to offer its services and materials at considerably affordable rates. Since 2003, Panda Kitchen and Bath has built and remodeled over 42,000 kitchens and is now experiencing an even wider market share with the inception of its franchising program, which was initiated in 2008.

"We truly feel like our company has benefited tremendously from having an individual and chef the caliber of Adrianne as one of the faces of our products and services," commented Sean Huang, Vice President of Panda Kitchen and Bath. "We very much are looking forward to having her continue to represent us in an even more visible way in the near future through our television campaign and new events throughout our community."

Pursuant to the terms of the aforementioned endorsement agreement, Chef Adrianne will serve as a spokesperson for Panda Kitchen and Bath products and services through a multitude of visual and print mediums, including electronic and print advertising. Her established reputation as one of the world's leading chefs coupled with Panda Kitchen and Bath's rapidly expanding presence is expected to result in a highly successful alliance.

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Michael Beovides