Joei and The Fulcos Began Their Asia Tour in China - They Began This Humanitarian Outreach in Zhangjiajie. Sharing Their Music with the World is a Dream Come True.

Joei and The Fulcos, a local Las Vegas Family Rock Band, boarded a plane September 7, 2011 to begin their 14 day journey. They will return to Las Vegas on September 21st.

Las Vegas, NV, September 12, 2011 --( 14 year old Joei Fulco and her 12 brother year old Jesse Fulco are accompanied by their father Joey Fulco and grandmother Joan Fulco to China, to perform in this incredible, multi country cultural exchange. Over 30 bands from more than 25 different countries were chosen to perform. Each of the bands will perform for 7 straight days in varying venues around the city. Over 500,000 people are expected to attend with hundreds of millions watching on Hunan Chinese TV.

The Jackson Alliance Groups founder/President, Brian Kaskie: “As you know, we lost Michael Jackson 2 years ago. Our group never gave up. Our best wish is for us to find other young musical superstars to continue the spirit of Michael. His dream was to keep music alive and encourage the youth of today to pursue their musical dreams. We determined one of the people who best represents this 'whatever it takes' philosophy is Joei Fulco, a 14 year old Female Sensation who has had unbelievable support from her parents, Joey and Vanessa Fulco. We are so proud to sponsor Joei and Jesse Fulco as they pursue their dreams!”

“First I want to thank the Jackson Alliance Group, specifically Brian Kaskie and Rachel Lei for selecting us for this incredible opportunity. We know there are thousands of young people who work hard to realize their dreams. Joei and the Fulcos believe: 'Your dreams are yours to own!'

“We are so excited and honored to proudly represent America in the International Festival. Music builds bridges, no one demonstrated that better than Michael Jackson who is loved throughout the world for his contribution to music. We dedicate this tour to Michael and are honored to play our music for the proud people of China.” -Joei Fulco

“I have been playing and writing music for 35 years, all 4 of my children implored me to work with them and let them play in our family band. I alerted them of the arduous commitment a career in music requires, like Vanessa and I, music is in their blood. We are so proud that their hard work, dedication and talent impressed the Jackson Alliance Group and we were chosen for this incredible opportunity. Having lost my father last November, it means even more that my mother Joan, will be accompanying us, helping us as we explore the incredible country of China. We are honored and thankful.” -Joey Fulco

“Though Joei, Jesse and Joey will carry the torch of the band in China and are more than qualified to represent the unique, original songs created by the Fulcos, I must say that Joei and the Fulcos are truly unique in being the only band in history where every member of the family plays, sings and writes for the band.

“We expect this opportunity to be the first of many as we work with incredible people like Brian and Rachel who immediately recognized the talent this group represents. Many unbelievable things are awaiting them upon their return. We look forward to 'building bridges' with their songs and keeping Michael Jackson's dream alive.” -Drew Taylor/ Manager

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