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MyReviewsNow Shop at Home Showcases Fine Recipes for Beef

MyReviewsNow Shop At Home announces its affiliation with Hearst Ranch, a provider of grass-fed steaks, lamb, pork, salmon and other fine recipes for beef.

MyReviewsNow Shop at Home Showcases Fine Recipes for Beef
Atlanta, GA, September 11, 2011 --( The Hearst family has been raising cattle, especially Hereford, Angus and Shorthorn, since 1865 and are proud of the quality of their steaks and other gourmet food offerings, all of which are of the highest quality. Best of all, their livestock is humanely raised and grass-fed. According to Hearst Ranch, grass-fed beef has more omega-3 fatty acids and conjugated lineoleic acid, both of which help reduce risks of heart disease and certain cancers. Grass-fed cattle are also healthier, as they don’t need to be given as many antibiotics as cattle raised on grain. Do to their tenure in the industry, Hearst's recipes for beef are tried and true and loved by many.

Recipes for Beef Gourmet Favorites

Among gourmet food favorites is Hearst's boned and netted rib roast. It costs $120.00 and weighs six pounds with the bone in and four pounds without bones.

Another favorite of their recipes for beef includes flat iron steaks, priced from $10.98 to $39.00, and their Heritage Berkshire porterhouse pork chops made from Berkshire hogs. These are available in packages of two one pound chops for $33.95 and is basically the same cut as the porterhouse beef steak.

Best Sellers

Hearst Ranch’s best sellers include absolutely succulent grass-fed filet mignon steaks, which sell for $26.95 for an eight ounce cut, as well as grass-fed ground lamb, and maple sugar cured smoked bacon, again from marvelous Berkshire hogs.

Hearst's 1/8 Cattle-share is simply a meat lover's dream. Consider that this package offers the customer two eight ounce filet mignon steaks; two 16 ounce bone-in rib eye steaks; two 15 ounce bone-in New York steaks; two 19 ounce top sirloins; one 16 ounce chuck cross rib; one 35 ounce London broil; one 28 ounce sirloin tip, and one eight ounce flat iron steak. With this, the customer can also receive one 22 ounce flank steak, or one 22 ounce trip tip roast, or one 29 ounce skirt steak, or two 10 ounce top sirloins. Add to this one round of meat for a shish kabob, 4 pounds of strips for fajitas and 22 pounds of ground beef. The 1/8 Cattle-share sells for $468.00 with free shipping. Sorry, but the customer will have to buy their own freezer.

Hamburgers, Hot Dogs and More

Hearst Ranch doesn’t skimp on the hamburgers or hot dogs, either. They sell one pound ground beef packs for $8.00, a box of 20 hot dogs for $35.00 and 12 pre-made hamburger patties for $35.00. A bit pricey? Well, yes, it is pricey compared to the denatured stuff found in the local supermarket, but Hearst’s products are worth it.

Hearst also offers Iliamna's wild red salmon, caught in Western Alaska. The salmon, also called sockeye, is from one to 1.25 pounds and sells from $24.98 to $34.98. This fish is deep, glistening, irresistible red, and has the most Omega-3 fatty acid content of all the salmon.

Olive Oil and Condiments

No collection of gourmet food and fine recipes for beef would be complete without olive oil and other condiments. Hearst, being located in California, has a good selection of olive oil, including their early and late harvest extra virgin olive oils, both $16.95 for a 12.6 ounce bottle. They also offer California Mission fig balsamic vinegar for the same price, tomato chipotle ketchup, smoked tomato ketchup and a balsamic vinegar bread dipper.

The Hearsts not only offer such fine recipes for beef, but give the customer tips on how to cook their best cuts. For the boned and netted rib roast, they recommend the cook rub the roast with a bit of olive oil, then sear it before it’s cooked. They also offer delicious and healthy recipes for steaks, roasts, fajitas, sauces, salads, vegetables and dessert, and encourage the customer to submit their own gourmet food recipes.

Hearst Ranch features the best in grass-fed steaks and other delicious examples of the best in recipes for beef. They're excellent additions to a barbecue, a banquet or a family dinner.

For further information regarding Hearst and their recipes for beef, please visit MyReviewsNow Shop At Home.

Chickie Maxwell