Steel Security Cages Accessible, Affordable, Attractive

Atlanta, GA, September 09, 2011 --( What appears to be Atlanta’s first-ever intown mass producers of air conditioner security cages has revolutionized the war on copper theft. West End Cages are designed to be accessible, affordable and attractive with consumers being able to inspect, compare, purchase and install them the same day. West End Cages has emerged as Atlanta’s premier fabricator of quality steel air condition security cages. “Our cages are built with thieves’ hand and power tools in mind,” says J. Hanson.

West End Cages air conditioning security cages are mass produced in the industry’s standard sizes. The product is weather proofed and fully welded leaving no parts vulnerable to the elements, bolt cutters, hacksaws, hammers or screwdrivers. The end result is a product of quality construction designed to save homeowners, property managers and business owners thousands of hard earned dollars. The American Dream is quickly becoming a nightmare as vandals continue to sell off pieces for scrap.

Copper is being referred to as "the poor man’s gold." The worldwide increased demand for metal has created an environment whereby prices are at an all time high and scrappers are getting paid top dollar for this newly precious metal. America is fighting to maintain the integrity of its infrastructure. Copper is being stripped from everything leaving law enforcement agencies scrambling to address this expensive, cancerous non-violent crime.

The cost of replacing what has been stolen is reaching into the Millions of dollars for taxpayers, homeowners and businesses alike. “A homeowner, landlord or property manager shouldn’t wonder If they will be a target, just when,” says J. Hanson. Replacing an air conditioning unit is no longer simply a matter of switching out the compressor. Changes in the environmental laws requiring new units to use 410A Freon verses the old R22 makes things even more expensive.

As a participant with the 1987 international environmental agreement effort to save the ozone, the U.S. agreed to timetables to meet certain obligations. The agreement, known as the Montreal Protocol, is the reason for the changes in refrigerant to reduce the consumption of ozone depleting CFCs (chlorofluorocarbons). The crossover to 410A gas from the old R22 means heating and air system manufacturers may no longer produce new units that utilize the old refrigerant. This international environmental obligation means that gone are the days of simply replacing the exterior compressor. The interior coil has to be replaced in addition to the exterior compressor in order for new units to be compatible. “Buying one of our cages is a fraction of the cost of replacing your unit,” says J. Hanson.

West End Cages is centrally located downtown Atlanta in the business and arts district. For more information consumers are encouraged to visit their website or call 770.676.1645.

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Ivette Rainey