Palm Beach Fertility Center Now Offering Egg Donation Opportunities

Palm Beach, FL, September 10, 2011 --( The highly respected Palm Beach Fertility Center has recently announced that they are now searching for donors for their industry-recognized egg donation program. For over a decade, the program has helped women who are unable to conceive on their own to achieve their dreams of having a child and starting a family. Those who wish to donate will be compensated $5,000 for their time and be able to have the satisfaction of knowing that they have given the most precious gift of all to a couple who previously had little hope.

As one of the most prestigious facilities in North America, the Palm Beach Fertility Center has achieved outstanding success rates within their work. Since the facility’s creation in 1994 by Dr. Mark Denker, their patient numbers have quadrupled, as more and more people from around the South Florida area and internationally learn about the tremendous strides being made in fertility treatments by the experienced specialists at the facility

The Palm Beach Fertility Center Egg Donation Program is currently one of the most successful within the industry. The specialists within the facility have achieved a remarkable 75% success rate with the donation program and this success rate continues to grow as more innovative technologies and solutions are integrated into the program to optimize the results.

Currently, there are no definitive restrictions on who can enter into the donation program. However, Dr Mark Denker and his staff will be evaluating and screening each participant carefully before the program begins to ensure that egg donation is the correct medical avenue to pursue for specific clientele.

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Dr Mark Denker