Scented Adventures of the Bouquet Sisters in Fairyland by Susan Liberty Hall Book Launch at Athena Restaurant, Introducing a Three Scented Dimension (3SD) Children’s Book

Phoenix, AZ, September 10, 2011 --( Scented Adventures of The Bouquet Sisters in Fairyland by Susan Liberty Hall book launch at Athena Restaurant, introducing a three scented dimension (3SD) children’s book, on Saturday, September 10th, 2011 from 3:00 pm to 5:00 pm. Located at 7000 E. Mayo Blvd, Scottsdale 101 Plaza, Phoenix, Arizona 85054, Athena Restaurant is a touch of elegance and a taste of Greece.

Scented Adventures of The Bouquet Sisters in Fairyland is an interesting combination of both Fairy Tale and True Life. Your Children will be delighted to share the mystical adventure of “The Bouquet Sisters,” as they fly around the World on their very own magic flying carpet.

This book will teach children the importance of prayer in changing things for good and to take care of their own health. The exquisite artwork of Josephine Wall and the “Aroma Scent Release” feature will engage their senses in beauty and the sweet scent of Sacred Oils.

Susan Liberty Hall loves all Divine Creation. She is a patriot who also loves America and believes that our country is a God-Inspired Democracy that must be preserved and protected as such. Through devotion to her own spiritual growth, good deeds, and prayer, Susan has touched the lives of countless numbers of people, helping them improve their health and their emotional and spiritual well-being.

Scented Adventures of The Bouquet Sisters in Fairyland by Susan Liberty Hall, Inkwell Productions, ISBN 9780983324768, Retail $21.50

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