Wiki Golf - a Wikipedia Game for iPhone and iPad Releases Major New Update

Wiki Golf is a Wikipedia game based on the popular concept of “Six degrees of separation.” When brought to Wikipedia, this means connecting two articles in as few clicks as possible.

New York, NY, September 10, 2011 --( The creators of Wiki Golf today announced the release of Wiki Golf 2.0, a major update to the successful Wikipedia game. Along with Wiki Golf 2.0 for the iPhone, they also released Wiki Golf 2.0 HD for the iPad.

Wiki Golf has proven very successful, with sales in over 70 countries and appearances in top 10 gaming lists. Users have enjoyed the unique challenge of navigating Wikipedia pages while competing in a golf-themed scoring system.

With the new releases, Wiki Golf takes its Wikipedia-based educational game format to the next level. New features include:

· Multiple Wiki Golf courses, each with a common theme such as Sports, Geography, Culture, and Politics.
· Hundreds of new “holes” to provide further challenges and new experiences for users.
· A new “Quick Mode” allowing users to compete on a shorter three hole course, in addition to the typical 9 hole format.
· Improved integration with social networks so that users can share their achievements and scores with friends.
· Many usability improvements, including a new tutorial and improved search function.

Wiki Golf has always encouraged feedback from its users, and with this release, is providing some of the most desired features.

“It’s really a unique form of fun. Wikipedia is the richest source of information on the planet, and Wiki Golf provides a fun, competitive way to experience the content. Players soon begin to find connections between incredibly different topics,” said Jesse Daugherty, the developer of Wiki Golf. “Users tell me that they feel much more intellectually involved than when playing most other popular games.”

In a show of appreciation for the site that makes Wiki Golf possible, 10% of all profits are donated to Wikipedia to further its mission of making knowledge open and easily accessible.

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