Teaching Tomorrow’s Samurai Today - "The Sword Guy" - Ancient Samurai Secrets on DVD

Master sword instructor John D. McGraugh, Shihan, sixth degree black belt and star of the upcoming release The Sword Guy, has returned from many years of martial arts study in Japan and has formulated a proven method of samurai sword instruction.

Tucson, AZ, September 10, 2011 --(PR.com)-- A new method of teaching revolutionizes martial arts instruction -- The Sword Guy series offers a continuing education program in the art of the Japanese Sword through video target practicing, seminars, clinics, tournaments, and other learning opportunities for all levels of martial arts student.

Now you can live anywhere and receive quality martial arts training for less. If the requirements are met, The Sword Guy Series offers genuine certification in Ryuseiken Batto-Do, a contemporary samurai sword system founded by world-renowned Japanese Swordsman Mitsushiro Saruta, a martial artist of samurai lineage. This certification can also offer the chance to instruct this art form.

In a modern world, the martial arts instruction helps children and adults deal with bullying and abuse. Statistics show that a physical assault takes place every 60 seconds in the United States alone. Shihan John D. McGraugh, master instructor teaches his students about preparedness, awareness and surviving a confrontation. Martial arts instruction saves lives. Throughout his 30-year career in teaching the martial arts Shihan McGraugh has helped numerous victims of abuse and bullying defend themselves from further attacks and recover from the impact of past experiences. Donating time and resources to helping these students, Shihan Mcgraugh has given his students the power to successfully deal with dangerous situations. Whether it’s defense from bullying, domestic violence or serious assault martial arts training has proven again and again to be a necessary survival skill.

Former teacher blends knowledge of curriculum development with martial arts instruction. Master Sword Instructor, John D, McGraugh, Shihan, has combined his knowledge gained from over a decade of teaching in public schools with his knowledge acquired from 30 years of martial arts experience. Having the knowledge to correctly structure learning improves and increases how much a martial arts student can learn from a DVD. Clear objectives, proper pacing and strict assessment are just some of the principles acquired from education methods and applied to martial arts instruction in The Sword Guy Video Instruction Series. When a student studies martial arts with Shihan McGraugh, they maximize their learning potential due to the professional quality of instruction provided.

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