Karina Bradley Launches Media Blitz on BET, Clear Channel, Radio One & XXL Magazine to Promote Her New Mix Tape "Madam President" Hosted by DJ Diamond Kuts & Papoose

Philadelphia, PA, September 10, 2011 --(PR.com)-- Karina Bradley, Philadelphia's hottest up and coming pop star has recently launched a huge media campaign in the Philadelphia area. During the whole month of September, KB will be all over your television, radio, and magazine stands. If you haven't already, start following the Karina Bradley media blitz that is happening all throughout the month to promote her hit single, "Never Mind Love" featuring Meek Mill.

Karina Bradley's radio campaign is in full swing on Power 99 FM. The radio station is airing a commercial to promote both "Never Mind Love" featuring Meek Mill and Karina's new mix tape, "Madam President." The mix tape, in case you haven't heard yet, is hosted by DJ Diamond Kuts and Papoose. It features artists such as Papoose, Young Chris, Meek Mill, TF Mafia, Jay Bezel, and more. "Never Mind Love" is getting airplay on both FM and XM stations in places like New York, Philadelphia, Connecticut, Miami, and more.

Undisputed Entertainment Radio Live will be interviewing Karina Bradley in the month of September as well. UE Radio Live is a production company that is geared towards discovering and supporting new talent. The station contacted Karina specifically because they know that her raw talent and drive is going to get her far in the music industry.

On September 11, 2011 Karina Bradley will be making her fifth appearance on Shade 45/Sirius Satellite radio. This will be her fourth time on Miss Mimi's (G-Unit Sundays) show in the past six months. This show will be different than KB's past shows; Karina will actually be singing a song live on air for the first time. The song she is singing was voted on by her fans and you can listen live at 6:30 pm. To call in and speak with Karina and Miss Mimi live on the show, call 888-SHADE-45.

BET will all be airing a commercial in the tri-state area to promote "Never Mind Love" all throughout the month of September as well. 106 & Park on BET is circulating the commercial each episode so make sure that you watch the show and see KB's commercial for "Never Mind Love!"

Along with television and radio campaigning, Karina Bradley will also be featured in XXL Magazine. XXL Magazine is doing a huge feature article on Remy Ma and Papoose that will not only talk about what has been going on with the two of them, but Papoose will be officially introducing Karina as a part of his team. Karina and Papoose have recorded several tracks and have done several music videos together. Two of their tracks, "Obituary 2010" and "Everybody Knows" with TF Mafia are featured on Karina's mix tape, "Madam President." The magazine will also have a full-page advertisement that will be promoting Karina's single, "Never Mind Love" featuring Meek Mill and Papoose's newest album, "Nacerima Dream." This special issue of XXL will hit magazine stands September 20, 2011.

Karina Bradley's marketing team is working on some exciting new ideas that should be coming into place by the end of this month. Keep an eye out for performances, appearances, and more- coming to a venue near you. So keep your eyes and ears open for up and coming pop star, Karina Bradley. This Philadelphia pop star is on the verge of bursting into the music scene.

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