Local Arizona Author Offers to Write You Into a Comic Short Story

Be a Star of the Next Haven Story by Author J.A. Giunta. Author donates his skills to write a story based on what the winner of a newly listed eBay auction desires.

Phoenix, AZ, September 10, 2011 --(PR.com)-- Brick Cave Media, in association with Fantasy Author J.A. Giunta, present you with this tremendous opportunity to make literary history. In a unique fundraising effort, Mr. Giunta has offered to write a character for a completely new Story of Haven based on the winner's specifications, adhering to the rules of the Haven story writing universe. Says Mr. Giunta, "The character could be based on the winner, even the first name, or can be someone completely of their own creation. I will then write an origin story for the character. The winner will be allowed input in regards to dialogue for their character and the story's outline of events."

Haven, started in 1994 as part of a literary nonprofit called Anthology, through their magazine of the same name, is a unique and exciting storytelling opportunity for writers and readers alike. In 2009, Anthology asked Brick Cave Media to develop and promote the Haven series as a separate entity. Haven is a city in peril. Crime has increasingly become a fact of life as different factions vie for control of the city's vast power and wealth. The authorities are pressed at every turn, often too weak to respond to emergencies, almost equally as often influenced by forces with ill intent. The city is home to millions and attracts more, some seeking opportunity, some seeking escape, still others seeking something else.

In desperation, some of its citizens have taken to wearing costumes and creating alternate identities to fight crime. In turn, the criminals have donned masks to hide their own identities, create alternate personae, or both.

Says BCM leader Bob Nelson, "Who doesn't want to be the star of their own comic? This is a great opportunity for you, or your children, or someone you care about, to get something really unique and fun to share."

The money raised from the auction is intended to go right into promoting the winner's story, and all the other stories in the series. In 2009, Brick Cave Media launched a groundbreaking e-book edition of the stories and the first print version collecting nine of them together was published in 2011. A link to the auction is on the organization's book website, http://www.brickcavebooks.com.

About J.A. Giunta:
J.A. Giunta was born in Brooklyn, New York, in November of 1969. Though he spent most of his childhood growing up on Long Island, he has been living in Arizona for more than twenty-five years. Joe started writing stories at an early age, creating adventures for his pen and paper Dungeons & Dragons campaigns on a Commodore 64. Spooled from a dot-matrix printer, that first stapled manuscript has not survived, but it has evolved over the years to form The Ascension trilogy. His first Fantasy novel, The Last Incarnation, was published in February of 2005. With a Bachelor of Arts degree in English from Arizona State University, he is both an avid reader and gamer. He currently writes full-time. He currently lives with his wife, Lori, and six-year old daughter, Ada Rose, in the perpetual summer that is central Arizona. He credits all of his work to the advent of air-conditioning.

About Brick Cave Media:
Brick Cave Media is a dynamic multi-disciplined group of talented individuals whose talents have come together into a vibrant display of products. Whether it's Movies, Spoken Word or art, BCM has worked to provide a medium for talented people to be exposed and promoted. We don't necessarily want to change the world, we just want to realize the promise of the internet to provide an equal opportunity for talented persons to make a living at what they love. If that changes the world... oops!

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