SpeakGlobal Introduces the World’s First Chatbots with Speech Recognition for English Learning

SpeakGlobal: The next generation in English language learning introduces the world’s first artificial intelligence (A.I.) chat robots for English as a Foreign Language learning.

Kobe, Japan, September 11, 2011 --(PR.com)-- Japan is known for its quality English education system, including six years of mandated English studies in public schools. However, despite billions of yen spent, English speaking skills still lag behind other developed areas such as Scandinavia*.

While many English conversation schools and online schools exist, some simply cannot afford this luxury. As well, the actual speaking time in such lessons is limited, on average about 10 minutes per one-hour lesson. In the case of beginner level learners, it is considerably less. Those who can afford it pay around $300 per month, though only 1% of the population engages in learning at these schools.

Now, SpeakGlobal has made English speaking affordable and effective for just $15 per month. SpeakGlobal has developed online robots that look and move like a human, speak aloud, and with text-to-speech, its dialogue lines appear on the user’s computer screen. Most importantly, learners can speak into a microphone using Dragon Naturally Speaking, high-end speech recognition, considered the best speech recognition in the world.

With a line-up of various A.I. chat robots, nearly any learning level of English speaker can find a suitable one to practice conversation with at home, work, or school, 24/7. This is a turning point in the way English speaking is taught and practiced in Japan, Asia, and around the globe.

As a supplemental speaking tool, site members can participate in SpeakGlobal’s virtual world, “SG World” for free and open conversation with a native English speaker anytime. The site is fully equipped with a complete pronunciation program with speech recognition, animated conversation practice videos, and games as well, making it a “superstore” of English conversation practice.

With top technology, it is reasonably priced to reach a wide audience. SpeakGlobal has plans to expand outside of Japan, into other Asian markets. With SpeakGlobal, learners now have the means by which non-English speaking countries can learn English, today’s global language.

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*Source: R.L.G. "Who speaks English?" Economist.com n.p. 2011. Sept. 9, 2011 http://www.economist.com/blogs/johnson/2011/04/english

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