ItsMusic Interactive Music App Hits Facebook

ItsMusic, a revolutionary new game company, is ready to hit social networking with an interactive music collaboration game.

Milan, Italy, September 11, 2011 --( The ItsMusic team is proud to launch their first-ever collaborative composition game on the Facebook platform. ItsMusic is the first ever collaborative music project of its kind on Facebook. Based on initial tests, app utilization is expected to make ItsMusic one of the popular new Facebook games available by the end of the third quarter.

ItsMusic is the brainchild of composer Pierpaolo Tiano, software developer John Martelli with development assistance from Daniele Moneta. Martelli is responsible for the ground-breaking, streaming multi-track environment that makes the game possible. ItsMusic combines a capacity for creativity in a unique, collaborative environment that utilizes Facebook social media technology.

Within the game environment, users have the option to create unique compositions using libraries of pre-recorded loops which are created in-house by Tiano and completely exclusive to ItsMusic. Users can then share created tracks with friends and network members. Over time, the most popular tracks begin to rank on a user's "charts," an index of the most popular tracks spanning both a user's personal network and the entire ItsMusic app network.

Composer Pierpaolo Tiano, who originally conceptualized the app, discussed its features and reach in a private meeting last Friday.

"Of all the users of the ItsMusic platform," says Tiano, "We're looking for people who have music experience as well as those who've always wanted to get involved in digital music, but never had the chance. This app is set up to be a fun game, but we're also looking to challenge the creativity of our users and get people interested in making music. Facebook allows us to take collaboration to a whole new level, so why not include electronic music in that type of interaction?"

"We're very excited to see how people respond to the launch."

The app rollout has begun, gradually starting August 26, 2011. Targeted users from countries all over the world and all music experience levels are expected to engage. The app creators look forward to adding to the game and receiving feedback from participants.

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