Path Solutions and Apliman Technologies Announce Partnership Agreement

Path Solutions, the global provider of Islamic and investment software solutions, today announced that it has entered into a partnership agreement with Apliman Technologies, a leading telecommunications solutions provider.

Beirut, Lebanon, September 12, 2011 --( As result of the partnership contract,the iMAL*2Mobile new offering will utilize Apliman’s SMS Gateway and USSD Gateway for providing mobile banking channels through SMS and USSD. The partnership will also enable Path Solutions to offer Apliman’s phone banking services including Call Center and IVR which enhance the customers’ relationship management.

Apliman Technologies was founded in 1990 in Dallas, Texas, and is currently located in Beirut, Lebanon. Holder of several patents in the United States, Apliman Technologies offers a set of value added services including advanced voice and messaging solutions, in addition to mobile advertising and customer care solutions that greatly enrich operators’ and service providers’ portfolios. Apliman offerings have reached thus far 36 countries and 38 mobile operators servicing hundreds of millions of subscribers.

Tarek Itani, Chairman & CEO, Apliman Technologies commented, “The partnership with Path Solutions is a significant step forward for Apliman Technologies in a strategic growing sector. We are keen to serve Path Solutions’ existing and prospective clients in the Islamic banking industry with comprehensive and advanced telephony technology, and we believe that Apliman’s vast industry knowledge and expertise in the telecommunications sector will boost the added-value of iMAL*2Mobile, Path Solutions’ new mobile banking solution.”

Itani added that Apliman’s products are running live at several Lebanese banks such as Bank Audi, SGBL, Banque du Liban, Credit Libanais, Banque Libano Francaise as well as mobile operators MTN Africa, AFRICELL Africa, ALFA Lebanon and others.

For his part, Path Solutions’ Group Chairman & CEO, Mohammed Kateeb said, “The contract announced today will complement our existing suite of software solutions for the coverage of essential areas in iMAL*2Mobile and will allow provisioning of superior phone banking services. This partnership will open up joint business and growth opportunities for both Path Solutions and Apliman Technologies.”

About Path Solutions

Founded in 1992, Path Solutions is a dedicated software house, specialized in the provision of integrated solutions and services to the Islamic financial marketplace. The company offers a comprehensive range of software products and consulting services that address the whole spectrum of the global finance industry and in specific the Islamic finance industry.

Path Solutions serves more than 70 Islamic financial institutions in more than 27 countries worldwide. The company retains its commitment to the Islamic finance industry in the new economy, through its headquarters in Kuwait, its R&D centers in Lebanon and Egypt and support offices in Bahrain, UAE, KSA, Sudan, Kenya, Pakistan, Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia and UK.

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About Apliman Technologies

Apliman Technologies is a leading Telecommunications Solutions provider in Middle East, Europe, Africa, and Asia. The company has an international portfolio of installations spanning 4 continents and serving hundreds of millions of subscribers worldwide. Apliman solutions range from Messaging, Voice, USSD, and Mobile Advertising to Enterprise and Customer Care solutions. Ever since its founding, Apliman Technologies has been at the forefront of developments in the field. The company has existed long enough in the market to establish customer loyalty and become a trademark of trust.

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