More Than 33,000 People Watched the Colombian Soccer Game via Alicastro's iPhone

Colombian singer/songwriter Alicastro caused a frenzy among more than 33,000 people in his country and around the world with what he himself says was "an anomaly of life" when on September 6th he went to a Colombia vs. Jamaica soccer game held in Ft. Lauderdale, Fl and ended up doing a live streaming of the game via Ustream using only his iPhone.

Miam, FL, September 11, 2011 --( "Facebook and Twitter my passion for soccer and how happy I was to finally be seeing our national team play live for the first time in my life," stated the artist. What Alicastro didn't know was that he would be making history in his country as the game was not officially broadcast on TV or anywhere on the internet and he became the first Colombian to stream the entire game on his iPhone to thousands and thousands of fans around the world who casually found him online when they were all desperately trying to find a way to watch their favorite team.

"I had no intention of streaming the whole game since I didn't know how long the battery on my phone would last, but thanks to one of my friends who also had his iPhone we were able to transmit the entire game and share this amazing feat with the world." After the game Alicastro was contacted immediately by the most important media in Colombia, and with the tiniest amount of battery life he had left, was able to speak live with "La W Radio" and the country's most important newspaper "El Tiempo."

Alicastro is being called a "national hero" in newspapers and airwaves across Colombia by respected journalists such as Yamid Amat, Andres Nieto and on shows like La Luciernaga, El Alargue, La Hora del Regreso and many more.

Soccer fans have thanked him via thousands of messages they've posted onto his Twitter account, his Facebook page and website, causing Alicastro's name to trend in all social media since Tuesday evening.

Alicastro expressed his gratitude toward everyone in Colombia and all his fellow soccer fans since, as he said, "we all have a common bond and that is the love and passion we have for our country's soccer team. I have always loved playing soccer but I had no idea that what started out as an experiment would bring so much happiness to thousands and thousands of Colombians."

The writer of hits "Mi Vida" and "Pobre Pero Contento" will be in Colombia from September 20th through the 7th of October in the cities of Bogota, the Atlantic coastal region of the country and his native Cali.

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