IonLoop to Provide Patriotic Flag Bracelets to U.S. Walker Cup Team

Dallas, TX, September 11, 2011 --( The U.S. Men’s Walker Cup team is seeking its third straight victory in the Walker Cup tournament and they will be competing wearing an IonLoop sports bracelet. IonLoop is providing the U.S. Walker Cup team with a patriotic flag bracelet for the competition. The Walker Cup tournament will be played September 10th and September 11th 2011 at the Royal Aberdeen Golf Club in Aberdeen, Scotland.

Each of the 12 athletes on the U.S. team has been supplied with an IonLoop patriotic flag bracelet. This edition of bracelet in the IonLoop product line comes in three colors: red, white, and blue—and proudly features the American flag.

These patriotic flag bracelets were manufactured with IonLoop’s pioneering Ion Regeneration Technology (IRT). This technology was purposefully developed to help combat the destructive effects of positive ions in our modern day environment.

Everyone from world-class athletes to office workers may be affected by positive ions. Activities ranging from competing under the energy-draining UV rays of the sun, to sitting in front of computer monitors daily, expose us to fatigue producing positive ions. By wearing these patriotic flag bracelets, the U.S. team may prolong their high level performance by neutralizing positive ions—which will bring them closer to their goal of bringing home their third straight Walker Cup.

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