Solutions to “Contagion” Type Germs Exist Today

“Super Germs” that are resistant to our strongest drugs are colonizing and mutating in our homes, workplaces and public spaces. One company has developed products that kill these germ colonies without using poisons, with remarkable results.

New York, NY, September 13, 2011 --( Health-conscious people whose safety concerns have been raised by the movie “Contagion” now have access to new weapons in their war on germs, according to Randall Putala, President of Germ Free Life, LLC – a company that sells environmentally-friendly products that work differently than conventional cleaners and sanitizers.

“Most conventional germicides and anti-microbial products use poisons to kill germs. Our products use a non-poisonous process known as “lyses” that pops germs like a pin on a balloon,” Putala said. “This bio-mechanical process is non-invasive, and is non-mutagenic. In other words, the germs cannot learn what killed them and mutate to resist the process,” he added. “The germs literally have no clue what hit them,” he added.

According to the firm’s literature, their “Vitacide Z-71” product can be applied to any surface, hard or soft, and will last 3 months or longer with just one application. They claim that many other anti-microbial products quit working within a few hours, or they produce a lingering chemical fog , or they can leach off on contact with skin – concerns that can lead to other health issues, they state.

The company claims that their Vitacide Z-71 product is different because it lasts for 3 months or longer after one single application. Once applied, the bonded antimicrobial film is nonvolatile, odorless, and colorless and produces no chemical vapors. The company also claims that the product will not transfer or leach on contact with other surfaces or skin – even if water is applied.

“When our product is sprayed onto a surface and allowed to dry completely, it forms a tightly-woven web of millions upon millions of anti-microbial ‘spears’ or ‘swords’. These spears are electrostatically-charged and draw pathogens down to the surface. The germ wall is mechanically punctured, and the cells either implode or explode based on their internal ambient pressure,” according to Putala.

The net result is the constant elimination of huge volumes of germs, which are destroyed instantly and cannot amass into rapidly-expanding colonies – as is the normal process that takes place on untreated surfaces. The product is OSHA compliant, and is listed by the FDA and EPA for a variety of uses, both commercial and consumer.

The company states that their product is effective against many of today’s most hardy and resistant germs such as MRSA, eColi, C Diff, Norovirus, Legionnaire’s Disease and others, plus a wide range of viruses, bacteria, fungi, protozoa, fungus and mold. It can be applied to hard surfaces such as countertops, appliances, floors, walls, air ducts, etc., as well as to fabrics such as drapes, sheets, bedspreads, carpet and more. On fabrics, it will continue performing through 40 machine washings, the company claims. It is currently being used in a variety of fields including medical, hospitality, shipping, manufacturing, agriculture, restaurants and retail establishments.

The same active ingredient is formulated for use as a hand sanitizer, according to the company. Their “Germ Free HandZ” product is a water-based product that will continue to kill germs on contact for 24 hours or longer with just one application. The company claims that the product will remain active on the skin even through 10 hand washings with soap and water. The bonding agent, “Amosilq”, forms a protective layer and actually moisturizes skin rather than drying it out like alcohol-based sanitizers, according to their marketing materials.

“By using these products in and around the home and workplace, people can make huge inroads against the onslaught of dangerous germs, viruses and pathogens. People do have choices in what they use to protect their personal health as well as their families. With everything that is present in today’s germ-laden public spaces, an ounce of prevention truly can be worth a pound of cure,” said Putala.

Both products are available today at the wholesale and retail level. The company is actively seeking distributors.

Germ Free Life, LLC
Randall Putala