Storm Season is Here, Protect Your Home's Entire Electrical System

Most home's are not entirely protected from lightning and power surges. A whole house surge protector unit (professionally installed) will protect all your appliances and electronic equipment.

Charlotte, NC, September 12, 2011 --( Did you know that most homeowner insurance policies don't cover lightning strikes, or that the average home gets hit with over 20 energy spikes a day? Even a lightning strike a mile away can do damage to your sensitive equipment.

MI Electric, a local electrical contractor in the Charlotte area, sees an increase in service calls (every time there is a storm) regarding damaged lighting ballasts, household alarm systems and computer stations due to possible lightning strikes at customer's homes. Marc Lovisa, owner of MI Electric said he had never seen so many power surge problems until he relocated his company to North Carolina from Detroit Michigan over 3 years ago.

"Ive noticed that there is a very real need for people to protect their homes because of the frequency and severity of lightning storms down here."

MI Electric has been installing more and more whole house surge protector units at customers homes to help prevent damages from storms in the area. The units they install come with a lifetime product warranty and a $25,000 protected equipment guarantee. Marc also says that you can get up to 30% more life out of your appliances and electronic equipment if you use a surge protector because the unit traps tiny surges that happen all day long from the power company or when motorized equipment in your home kicks on. "When you see your lights dimming and then getting brighter when your clothes washer starts for instance, that can be considered a surge and over time wears on your electrical components everywhere in the home."

Installing a whole house surge protector is an inexpensive way to give you added peace of mind, and can be installed in any home. Many insurance companies even offer a rebate for homes that have one installed. MI Electric offers a discount to all new customers for professional and licensed installation of surge protectors in and around the greater Charlotte region.

For more information regarding whole house surge protectors or any other electrical questions contact MI Electric at 704-236-1634 or you can visit their website at

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