UMOJA, LLC Announces the Launch of Its First Wireless Headphones, Trilog[y]z

Jackson, MS, September 12, 2011 --( UMOJA, LCC, a company started by college students in Jackson, MS, has officially released its first set of headphones, Trilog[y]z. Trilog[y]z looks to be a new-to-the-market brand of headphones that only require a SD card to play music. “Put your music on your SD card, insert the card into your headphones, and listen to music all day without having to worry about wires hanging from your headphones and getting in your way. How much more simple can it be?” stated CEO, Teyarri Simpson.

Trilog[y]z looks to make a name among other heavy-hitters in the headphone industry with its uniqueness of only requiring a SD card. Trilog[y]z also leaves its customers with the option to use wires for the headphones, if that is what the customer prefers. “Our headphones are wireless. However, if our customers want to be wireless sometimes and other times want to have a wire going from their iPod to their Trilog[y]z headphones, we provide them with that option also,” states Courtland White, President of UMOJA, LLC.

With a retail price of only $125, Trilog[y]z headphones provide a state-of-the-art sound.

Trilog[y]z are currently only sold on UMOJA’s website,, but is currently in talks with various retailers about selling Triolog[y]z in retails stores. The website is not only available for users to purchase Trilog[y]z, but also gives information on how to use the headphones.

Sheena Allen