Army Combat Medic Writes Memoir About Desert Storm and Operation Enduring Freedom

Army medic writes memoir of war and the consequences of war. The medic served in Desert Storm with the 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment and later on in the Army National Guard with the 76th Infantry Brigade. Chapters include combat operations, medical operations, parachuting, army training, growing up as a Army brat and dealing with PTSD.

Indianapolis, IN, September 13, 2011 --( My Journey as a Combat Medic: From Desert Storm to Operation Enduring Freedom

Inside the mind of a Combat Medic

A veteran of both Desert Storm and Enduring Freedom writes a memoir about working as a combat medic and dealing with post traumatic stress disorder after the wars.

Patrick Thibeault writes about his experiences in the wars, peacetime operations and training. The first chapter, entitled “Airborne,” describes the author’s experiences parachuting out of aircraft. One chapter, entitled “Dear New Medic,” is written as a letter from an older medic (the author) to a new untested medic. The remainder of the book covers the twenty years that Patrick spent in the military to include the time as a Special Operations Flight Medic with the 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment (Airborne) and working as a part time combat medic in the Army National Guard. The book, targeting veterans and friends of veterans was written to tell the story about the medic. The book was published by Indiana Business Journal and is available through

The book was written to tell the story about a new wet behind the ears paratrooper medic who goes to war as a teenager and shows how this medic transitions into a seasoned older veteran. All too often, the work that the combat medic does out in the field of combat is ignored with more emphasis placed on combat hospitals. This seasoned older veteran again goes to war in Afghanistan and sees things through the eyes of an older veteran. The book covers how the medic has to deal with post traumatic stress disorder, growing up as an Army brat, combat operations, and training as a medic. The book will be available both at the website and

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About Author
Patrick Thibeault is a twenty year veteran of both the active Army and the Army National Guard. He served in both Operation Desert Storm and later in Operation Enduring Freedom as a medic. Patrick works as a family nurse practitioner in both primary and urgent care. His military awards and decorations include the Air Medal, Meritorious Service Medal, the Combat Medical Badge, 2nd award, Aviation crewmember wings, the Expert Field Medical Badge and the Parachute Badge.

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