University of Hawaii: Cause of Homosexuality and Dyslexia Discovered

According to University of Hawaii neuroscientist, Bruce E. Morton, “Failures of midline crossings of the developing nervous system occur in utero within hybrid Familial Polarity offspring. These developmental failures result in reversed wiring for a number of behavioral outcomes, including homosexuality and dyslexia.”

Honolulu, HI, September 13, 2011 --( Dr. Morton says that, “According to Familial Polarity, there are two, as yet unrecognized pre-racial evolutionary lineages of humankind. One is called Patripolar with male dominance, the other Matripolar with female dominance. These differ subtly in reproductive strategies. Thus, although offspring of inadvertent cross breedings are viable, they also suffer certain developmental anomalies, often reproductive. To a lesser extent, these appear similar to the cross breeding of horses and donkeys, except that human hybrids can still reproduce to a limited degree.”

The startling discovery and significance of Familial Polarity is described extensively in Dr. Morton’s book: “Neuroreality: A Scientific Religion to Restore Meaning.” According to him, “Familial Polarity arose out of right brain-left brain thinking and behavioral differences that he has reconstituted as Hemisity in numerous of his neuroscience publications. It turned out that the saying: ‘opposites attract,’ refers to the hemisity of spouses, where there are twice as many complimentary (right male) RM-LF, or RF-LM marital pairs than there are RM-RF or LM-LF partners. When, ancestry was investigated it was found that in terms of hemisity, the complimentary mates were true breeding. Their children were ‘like father, like son, like mother, like daughter.’ While the hybrid offspring of like-like hemisity pairs were random in hemisity, while being highly enriched with homosexuals and dyslexics.”

According to Dr. Morton, “The simplest explanation for these results was the following: there are two ancient unrecognized true breeding pre-racial human lineages. In these, RM-LF pairs, are called Patripolars, and RF-LM pairs, Matripolars. From this perspective, human history can be rewritten as endless conflict between the two Familial Polarity strains.” Dr. Morton said, “he analyzed and published the hemisity of the opponents at 21 sites of repetitive global conflict. In 20 of those sites, for example Germany vs. France, the soldiers were of opposite hemisity. Right brain German warriors were fighting for their Fatherland, and called out to their fathers at death. Left brain French warriors were fighting for their Motherland and called for their mothers when dying.” Dr. Morton says, “Familial Polarity is a new, currently unrecognized but powerful biological element underlying global conflict.”

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