Your Time Publishing’s Author Deandrea Green Featured in Documentary of African American Theater in New Orleans

Author Deandrea Green will talk about her tenure with Anthony Bean Community Theater and her debut children’s book "Skating on a Rainy Day."

New Orleans, LA, September 14, 2011 --( Freshman author Deandrea Green, Skating on a Rainy Day, began her creative career at the Anthony Bean Community Theater (ABCT). While there she performed many duties from acting to lighting; one job she didn’t take on was writing. Even though she knew she had a passion for writing she didn’t realize that it could or would be a career choice.

On September 14th and 15th at 10:00pm on My54, Deandrea Green will be a featured guest on the Anthony Bean Community Theater Television Special. This documentary is a dedication to the history of African American theater in New Orleans, from the Free Southern Theater, Dashiki Project Theatre, Ethiopian Theater, to the current Anthony Bean Community Theater. This program will be hosted by two network legends Norman Robinson (WDSU) and Eric Paulsen (WWLTV). Other featured guests: Irma Thomas, Carol Sutton, Gwendolyne Foxworth, David Cuthbert, Adella, Adella the Story Teller, Harold X. Evans, Anthony Bean, Gail Glaplon, Pat McGuire Hill, John O’Neal, Bill Rouselle, Kalamu ya Salaam, ABCT Kids and many more. This programs heart is about Preserving the Past and Embracing the Future.

Deandrea Green’s "Skating on a Rainy Day" appears to be a cute story about a little girl who wants to learn to skate. For many reasons her mother has not gotten around to teaching her, today the reason is the weather. Mom finally comes up with a solution to both their problems. She finds a way to teach her daughter to skate even on a rainy day.

But it actually explores another subject, as a daughter, sister, aunt, and woman Deandrea realized there was a problem but couldn’t put her finger on it until she came across an article by Juliet B. Schor, a professor at Harvard University which is an excerpt from her book The Overworked American: The Unexpected Decline of Leisure (1991), where she analyzes some surprising trends: historic, economic, and cultural-in the world of work, with a particular emphasis on the American worker.

PTSD-Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is a serious condition and many would think the term is being used flippantly but after comparing the symptoms it appears that many American parents are experiencing this disorder. One of the stress points is how to raise our children and give them the things they need with an ever increasing cost factor and less time to commit. In Deandrea’s writings she wants to remind parents that it is not about the things but the time we put into our families, and to be creative with the time you do have. So many things can come between what we want to do, so be flexible and spontaneous and remember children will only be children for a short time. She will share low cost, or no cost solutions to entertaining our children.

To contact Deandrea Green for comment or interview call Paula Tromp, 504 606-9462.

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