NDstudios, Inc. Announces Ampersand 2012

Buffalo, NY, September 14, 2011 --(PR.com)-- NDstudios, Inc., an artist-run multimedia production company, is proud to announce Ampersand 2012.

The Ampersand Project is a film initiative aimed to help invigorate the film community in the Western New York area by providing collaborative opportunities as well as paying film production work in the Buffalo / Niagara region.

For Ampersand 2012, a call was put out to screenwriters to submit their short film scripts to NDstudios for consideration. Screenplays were accepted up until the deadline date, upon which time the NDstudios staff read each submitted screenplay. Of all of the submissions, three projects were selected to be produced by NDstudios within the 2012 calendar year; with a focus on producing one short from start-to-finish every four months. At the end of the year, the project will yield three completed shorts that will be sent out to film festivals and through other distribution avenues.

Script Winners of Ampersand 2012:
First Production: Features "The Boomers" written by Hank Shaw
Second Production: Features "The Final Cut" written by Peter Rosokoff
Third Production: Features a compilation of shorter films/skits titled "Special Delivery," "Portrait of a Lasting Friendship," "Big Baby," and "The World Asphalt Diving Championships" written by Hank Shaw

Now that the projects have been selected, they are at the fundraising stage of the process. As such, the Ampersand Project is currently seeking donations to help provide a payroll for the crew and actors involved in each of the three selected projects, as well as to help pay for other film expenses such as permits, insurance, wardrobe, catering for the cast and crew, and other expenses.

The Ampersand Project, this year and in years to come, will benefit the Western New York area by creating jobs, highlighting talent and providing creative opportunities, showcasing Western New York, and boosting the local economy, since the projects are all being produced locally. It is also our hope that by providing a consistent basis for paid film work in the Western New York area, we will attract the attention of outside film companies, in order to help bring their business to Western New York. Therefore, all of the money that is donated to the project will stay right in our community and help Western New York to grow and flourish by bringing more business to the area.

NDstudios, Inc.
Lisa Hergenroder