Retro Recall - New Entertaining App Available in Worldwide App Store

Chicago, IL, September 14, 2011 --( Retro Recall is an app for iPhone and iPod touch that randomly introduces pictures of forgotten memories from the 1980's to recent years. These memories can be a product, person, film, song, TV show or event from their near or distant past. These are introduced randomly by either scrolling through manually or automatically in screensaver mode and are aimed to stir the memory to recollect great times. Retro Recall guarantees to show you something you have not thought about for a long time.

Users will find curiosity takes over as they will always want to see what is coming next; the random content serves as an entertaining and sometimes hilarious time filler and a talking point amongst friends and other users. To engage your friends there is a sharing functionality allowing users to send any recall to social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter. There is also the ability to save down any favourites.

As the user finds a “Recall” they really relate to, like a favourite toy or movie, they can hit a button that takes them straight to a related YouTube video or its specific Wikipedia page for instant detailed information. The App can be used by anyone and has both a UK and US version which gives a more targeted experience and stays away from over exposed Retro items you find on websites with an aim to bring back more obscure memories.

The Retro Recall data will be regularly be updated also, so when users have downloaded they can always look to revisit to see new Recalls that have been introduced. Finally, there is also an opportunity for everyone to get involved by submitting their own suggestions to and they may see it on the app soon after.

Retro Recall
Jeremy Milway