Adtec Decoder Bridges Home Office and Edit Bay Thousands of Miles Away

From the sands of Hawaii Five-0 to the streets of CSI:NY, Director Duane Clark edits his shows on-site, from the comfort of his living room.

Nashville, TN, September 14, 2011 --( Being at the right place at the right time used to mean time away from family and home for industry renowned Television Director Duane Clark, owner of Clark Cinema. Now, thanks to his choice of the Adtec Digital signEdje, Clark can be thousands of miles away and still oversee, in real time, the production of his current project, the hit series Hawaii Five-0, now entering it's second season, and popular CSI:NY, now in its eighth season.

About six years ago, Clark was side-by-side with his editors as most of the programs he directed were shot in L.A. where he was living. In this traditional on-site setup, the Avid editing machine’s audio/video output was fed to a client monitor that Clark would watch from a couch just six feet behind the editor. Then Clark moved to the U.K. and quickly realized he did not want to have to stay in L.A. for the four-to-seven days after wrap that it would take to begin the director’s cut, so he began to look into remote solutions and discovered Adtec encoders and decoders.

Through his research, Clark learned that news crews who had to shoot in remote locations used Adtec encoders with MPEG2 technology. The unit could work for him because “it provided scalable real-time streaming which would allow for remote editing if hooked up to the audio/video output of the Avid editing machine.” He started with an Edje 2000 encoder and quickly added the Edje4000 and signEdje decoder that works with both MPEG2 and MPEG4 technology. The more bandwidth-efficient signEdje, using H:264 technology, helped him to save money as he didn’t have to provide the bonded T1 service at the upload end that had been necessary with the older MPEG2-based system.

Clark’s remote editing process works with the Avid Media Composer’s audio/video being fed in to the Edge 4000 encoder. Then, the signEdje converts that audio/video into a real-time MPEG4 stream that is unicast to wherever he is in the world – usually his home in the U.K. “I can see what the editor is doing in real-time,” says Clark. “To communicate we use Skype since it’s free. So, instead of sitting on a couch six feet behind the editor like I used to, the Adtec setup allows me to sit on my own couch 6,000 miles behind the editor.”

Clark has brought the Adtec units and “this remote way of working” from his U.K. home into several other productions for which he has directed, from L.A. to Paris. “I have used it on everything I have worked on in the last six years. It's been very effective.” Adding, “The signEdje is very reliable. Once it is set up it is press and play.”

Through all of this though, what's most important is that “[The Adtec unit] buys me time home with my family which is invaluable to me,” he adds.


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