Refine Your Content Strategy for Improved Information Management - Free Webinars from Smartlogic and Earley & Associates Commencing 15th September 2011

"Content in Context: Why Dynamic Content and Content Choreography is Critical to Information Management." Smartlogic sponsor four-part webinar series on content strategy starting September 15, 2011 with Earley & Associates.

London, United Kingdom, September 14, 2011 --( Smartlogic, the software company that specialises in content intelligence, is to sponsor a series of free webinars that will focus specifically on "content choreography" - how to refine your content strategy for improved information management.

Entitled "Content in Context: Why Dynamic Content and Content Choreography Is Critical to Information Management," the four-part webinar series is produced in conjunction with information-management consultants Earley & Associates and aims to look at solutions to the enormous challenges faced by enterprise and business owners today regarding the collection, organisation and dissemination of data.

Smartlogic are the makers of "Semaphore," a content intelligence platform that augments traditional information management systems like search, content management and business workflow engines by adding advanced content classification, metadata and navigation capabilities to deliver a more complete information experience.

Toby Conrad, Senior Consultant at Smartlogic, will be presenting a talk as part of the Series Session 2 / September 22 2011 on "Making your Content Dance to the Semantic Tune: Using Ontologies and Automated Classification to Deliver Choreographed Content."

The free four-part webinar programme is part of the "JumpStart" Series, now in its sixth year and increasingly popular with a large and diverse audience for its ability to bring participants quickly up to speed with complicated subject matter. Each 4-part series moves through a topic progressively, beginning by introducing general issues and challenges and basic concepts, moving through to intermediate topics and then to advanced applications.

The sessions include talks from a diverse range of industry experts and practitioners with hands-on case studies.

The "Content in Context: Why Dynamic Content and Content Choreography Is Critical to Information Management" Series is due to commence on 15 September 2011 and will conclude on 13 October. All sessions start at 1PM, EDT and run for 90 minutes. The series schedule is as follows:

• Session 1: Developing a Dynamic Content Management Strategy
September 15, 2011: 1PM, EDT
Speakers: Bob Boiko, Seth Earley
• Session 2: Content Choreography, Information Architecture & Search
September 22, 2011: 1PM, EDT
Speakers: Toby Conrad, Jeannine Bartlett
• Session 3: Dynamic Content Processes and Information Management Governance
September 29, 2011: 1PM, EDT
Speakers: Seth Earley, David Lipsey
• Session 4: Getting More Value from SharePoint Content: The Role of Taxonomy and IA

October 13, 2011: 1PM, EDT
Speakers: Jeff Carr, Martin Muldoon
Registration is free and now open online:

More information about the event can be found on the Earley & Associates website here

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About Smartlogic –

Smartlogic is a software company that specialises in Content Intelligence.
Smartlogic's Semaphore is a Content Intelligence Platform which complements an organisation’s investments in Enterprise Search, Business Intelligence and Content Management.

Semaphore provides effective, rapid and accurate control of, and access to, unstructured content with a speed, accuracy and intelligence not achievable today from existing systems that are strained by soaring information volumes.
Semaphore endows these systems with capabilities, such as taxonomy & ontology management, automatic classification and contextual navigation, so that organisations can better find, organise, process, monetise, control and govern unstructured content.

Many hundreds of companies like NASA, Bank of America, AutoDesk, Occidental Petroleum, Ford Foundation, Pitney Bowes, The National Health Service, UBS, ABN AMRO, The Office of Public Sector Information, and others use Smartlogic today.

· Media companies use Semaphore to improve the quality of their information feeds, boosting distribution, readership & subscriptions
· Government authorities use Semaphore to tag information according to their standards, for compliance, intelligence processing & citizen self-service
· Healthcare companies use Semaphore to boost the level of self-service and improve the quality of critical health information they provide to patients
· Investment banks use Semaphore to consolidate their information costs, better promote their primary research and automate information compliance.
· Online directories use Semaphore to increase their advertising revenues
· Corporate intranets & websites use Semaphore to boost their use and maximise their return on information assets.
· Information managers use Semaphore to manage their taxonomies and ontologies, classification schemes and records retention policies.

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