My Local Buzz TV Hosts Social Media Marketing Events in Valencia, Rancho Cucamonga and Century City

The new series of free seminars occur on September 20th, 21st and 22nd. Social media marketing experts will explain why social media can help small businesses increase revenue and how to enhance your online strategy.

Los Angeles, CA, September 14, 2011 --( Local business owners who want to understand why social media marketing is more than just a trend can sign-up for the new series of free seminars presented by My Local Buzz TV this month. The leading provider of turn-key social media and video solutions is hosting the events at the Residence Inn Marriott Valencia (September 20th), Courtyard Marriott Rancho Cucamonga (September 21st) and Courtyard Marriott Century City (September 22nd), with sessions at 10AM and 2PM. The 75 minute conference presents facts, case studies and explanations about different social media tools and strategies.

The popularity of social networks like Twitter and Facebook have shown to be incredibly useful from a business stand point, because more than ever people want to share both good and bad experiences with their friends – and they do it online, with a single click. During the seminar, the specialists will share effective ways to use social media to understand customers’ needs; identify leads; increase brand loyalty and awareness; grow engagement with old, current and future customers; which can ultimately contribute to greater revenue. The registration for the seminars is still open and businesses can email for a registration link.

For those who ask themselves: “What is social media?,” the boot camp covers some of the most valuable social media tactics such as QR codes, Facebook and Twitter for business, how SEO works, valuable video content practices, and online coupons. In addition, business owners who attend the free seminars will also have access to brief case studies and new statistics regarding social media marketing. Although most people associate social media with younger audiences, according to Pew Research, social networking site usage grew 88 percent among Internet users aged 55-64 between April 2009 and May 2010. All demographics can be targeted effectively throughout social media marketing. Jared Doud, Chief Marketing Officer for My Local Buzz TV said, “One of the most exciting aspects of social media is its adoption across all age groups of consumers. Your highest adopters in their early twenties, but still almost 1 out of every 3 people over the age of 65 uses social media. It’s pretty incredible.”

My Local Buzz TV is a leading provider of turn-key social media and video solutions, headquartered in Los Angeles, CA, and specializes in locally targeted video based social media campaigns. The company has helped businesses develop and execute online campaigns since 2010.

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