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Adam Wes Academics discusses the issues that face parents around back-to-school time and gives advice on what a parent can do to help their child with education outside the classroom. For help within the classroom, check out tutoring as an option to make sure your child is getting the most out of learning.

Beverly Hills, CA, September 15, 2011 --( Every student deserves the best education, but the truth is that teachers are being stretched thinner and thinner as they are stifled under more responsibilities, which means less focus on the students. Tutoring is one of the few ways to catch up, or to simply stay on track, and remain competitive in preparation for college admissions. Along with notebooks, pencils and calculators, parents should strongly consider adding a tutor to their list of necessities for the new school year. It is never too early to find the perfect tutor.

A parent will go to great lengths to ensure that their child is receiving the best education available. Unfortunately, putting this into practice can be daunting, especially given the troubling reality of many classrooms. Here are a few quick and easy cues that might signal your child’s need for a tutor:

1. Consistently poor or below-average grades
2. Large amounts of time devoted to homework
3. Negative mood change when school is mentioned
4. Words like “hate” or “boring” used to describe school

When a student says that they are “bored,” or that they “hate school,” it typically means that they are not being challenged. If the student is not challenged, it becomes incredibly difficult for that student to reach his/her full potential. Tutoring provides the one-on-one attention needed to challenge your child in the present, while also preparing for the academic future.

Every student has preferred methods for securing information - your child alone can learn a thousand different ways - why not include the Internet as one of those methods? Online tutoring means more than devoting time and money to a weekly session. Online tutoring means students get help quickly and painlessly with Adam Wes Academics’ Free Tutor page on Facebook. Students can find answers to all kinds of questions: from the solution for solving a single math problem, to understanding complex lab instructions, Adam Wes Academics has expert tutors who are there to help students with any problem that they are facing. 

Don’t stay in the dark. Keep yourself educated about the resources available to you. Adam Wes Academics has stepped up their game on Twitter and Facebook, creating links to popular events and articles about the educational world. With daily posts and frequent video and photo updates, there is never a dull moment with Adam Wes Academics when it comes to social media. Parents, you balance enough responsibility as it is - it’s unrealistic to expect you to also manage every single aspect of your child’s educational needs. Check out the Facebook and Twitter groups and pages for ideas on how to improve your child’s education.

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