Wazala Announces Partnership with Xara Group Ltd, Enabling Ecommerce Integration in Xara Web Designer Premium and Designer Pro

Wazala - www.wazala.com - an ecommerce solution built for design-minded users, and Xara - www.xara.com - a pioneer in web technology solutions, announce a partnership that allows Xara users of Web Designer Premium and Designer Pro to easily integrate the Wazala ecommerce application into their blogs and websites.

Los Angeles, CA, September 15, 2011 --(PR.com)-- The Wazala shopping cart can now easily be added to any website or blog managed by the popular platforms Web Designer Premium and Designer Pro. Website owners can add an online store to their website through a few clicks in the Web Designer interface, and manage their online store publishing with ease.

“Wazala offers a versatile and easy-to-use online store solution and Xara is delighted to announce that the Wazala ecommerce widget is now available for its Web Designer Premium and Designer Pro customers. Using this widget, our customers will be able to build an online store and start selling products on their website, blog or Facebook page straight away, and they can easily adapt this store to be accessible to mobile phone users too,” said the Xara Team.

“We’re constantly looking to integrate Wazala with website platforms, and Web Designer Premium and Designer Pro are so easy to use and so impressive that we’re delighted to have them as partners,” said the Wazala Team.

About Wazala
Wazala is a fully-featured online shopping cart software solution built by and for design-minded people. Once configured, the store can easily be plugged into any website, blog or Facebook page. The clean-looking storefront integrates with any existing design and customers are not directed to another website to make a purchase, allowing website owners to maintain brand integrity. Feature packed allowing for a full ecommerce experience, and featuring Wazala Touch, a mobile shopping experience, Wazala has multiple language and currency support, inventory tracking and fulfillment assistance for both digital and physical goods, coupon codes, analytics tracking, and statistics. Wazala also processes payments through widely used payment gateways including PayPal, Authorize.net and Google Checkout. For more information, please visit www.wazala.com.

About Xara
One of the oldest UK software developers, Xara has been developing software since 1981. From Wordwise, one of the earliest microcomputer word processors, to Xara Designer, the world's fastest, and many believe the world's best drawing and illustration software, Xara has developed a wide range of products covering the whole realm of publishing software. Xara has pioneered many technologies taken for granted nowadays. From developing the world's first check-as-you-type spell checker, to award winning desktop-publishing software, to the first drawing software to provide real-time anti-aliasing and transparency control, Xara continues to innovate and develop leading edge technical solutions.

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