Go Mobile Commerce Turns Three Years Old

Happy Birthday to one of Pierce County's Fastest Growing and Largest Female ran businesses, Go Mobile Commerce. In August 2011, the company turned three years old. While only three years old, Go Mobile seems to be almost full grown. It takes the cake to continue to be the nation's leading provider of wireless payment solutions for the short term use, while its client and charity base continues to take threshold of the growth.

Tacoma, WA, September 15, 2011 --(PR.com)-- Go Mobile Commerce, the nation's leader in wireless payment solutions marks its 3rd year in business today at a celebratory event at Pacific Grill in downtown Tacoma. The celebration began with a toast to the success of being the largest wireless rental provider in the nation and remarks on its future, which is very bright. Its future includes a retail storefront in Tacoma's Stadium District.

"We've set high standards and expectations and exceeded them all," remarked Rebecca Payan, Sales Manager. "We love what we do and get so excited to hear of the successes from charitable organizations of increased donations." Taking donations via a wireless credit card machine (for one day use) is simple and the solution is turn-key.

When asked Payan what was her favorite event to sell for, she paused. "Obama's Inauguration was an amazing highlight. Lee Jeans Denim Day took our wireless machines throughout Kansas City raising $5.00 donations in order to wear jeans for the day. Another amazing event was the Brent Shapiro Foundation in Beverly Hills where our machines raised over $250,000 in one night. Oh, the list goes on... I live vicariously through the machines we rent. Oh the places they go!" Payan then chuckled and pointed to a map behind her, displaying each event the machines have traveled. Just about every state was covered, including Alaska and Hawaii.

Go Mobile was founded by a Tacoma native and has chosen to keeps its roots at home. While the majority of its business is out of state, they looks forward to attracting businesses in its own backyard by opening a retail storefront. In 2010, it was ranked by the Business Examiner as the 10th largest female owned business in Pierce County (#25 in 2009). As three congratulatory years of success pass, the feather in the cap gives a wink and a smile for many more years to come.

Go Mobile Commerce
Heather Mickelson