[x+1] Announces Availability of Funnel R/F, Enabling Performance Gains Across the Purchase Funnel

[x+1]’s Funnel R/F enables marketers to optimize their media plan by identifying & executing the best combination of online ad reach and frequency to more effectively move consumers through the purchase funnel.

New York, NY, September 15, 2011 --(PR.com)-- Online targeting platform leader [x+1] today announced Funnel R/F, a powerful toolset that enables marketers to optimize their media plan by identifying and executing the best combination of online ad reach and frequency to more effectively move consumers through the purchase funnel. It will be available Sept. 30.

Funnel R/F evaluates and manages the impact of each element of the media plan based on its ability to move consumers to the next funnel stage. It does this by using advanced analytics to identify a campaign’s Optimal Frequency Range (OFR), boosting ad frequency where needed.

Using Funnel R/F, marketers can realize significant gains in cost efficiency and campaign effectiveness by quickly identifying wasted impressions, under- and over-exposure and weak performers in a media plan. By reallocating spend to greater effect across the entire digital media plan, direct marketers will drive increased performance, while brand marketers will see improvement in reach and campaign scale.

With its advanced analytics and reporting, Funnel R/F is fully integrated with [x+1] Origin, the company’s end-to-end Digital Marketing Hub. This integration allows under-exposed consumers to be automatically targeted through real-time bidding (RTB).

The concept of “effective reach” is well established in traditional media planning, referring to the audience reached with the minimum threshold of frequency to drive consumer engagement. However, Funnel R/F applies this concept to digital media in a whole new way, allowing reach and frequency to be monitored and managed throughout each funnel stage, across both display and search.

Going beyond “attribution modeling” solutions, Funnel R/F provides both performance and brand marketers with actionable insights based on their unique marketing funnel definitions. Marketers or agencies can define their funnels and set strategies for each media plan element in a self-service UI. The platform provides custom reports on total campaign health, effective reach and frequency metrics, cross-channel impacts by funnel stage and separate media partner effectiveness for top-of-funnel and remarketing tactics.

Some key benefits of Funnel R/F include:

- Advanced analytics that will improve performance across the entire media plan
· - Reach/Frequency metrics and funnel impact overall and by media source
· - Identification of audience overlaps across media properties
· - Frequency control for RTB based on the entire plan
· - Expert support from the [x+1] Analytics Team and Account Managers

“The typical media attribution methodology unfortunately rewards both over- and under-messaging throughout the funnel,” said Leon Zemel, Chief Analytics Officer of [x+1]. “Media partners are incented to lower their cost per action (CPA) by showing more impressions to likely-to-convert consumers at the bottom of the funnel, and by ‘cookie bombing’ to capture attribution for sales that would have happened anyway.”

“The result is media plans that don’t scale,” added Zemel. “Marketers over-allocate bottom-of-funnel tactics like search and remarketing or under-allocate top-of-funnel media that reaches new prospects and feeds the sales cycle.”

“Funnel R/F provides an advanced analytic toolset that continually evaluates and maximizes media effectiveness based on each company’s unique marketing funnel and strategies,” said John Nardone, Chairman and CEO of [x+1]. “It provides a holistic view of how audiences are performing at each funnel stage, diagnostics for optimizing the media plan at both the strategy and partner level, and insights for maximizing impact of the communication plan across each channel.”

To learn more about Funnel R/F please visit http://xplusone.com/solutions_rfmanager.php.

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