Prostate Cancer Survivor Reveals Leadership Approach to Treatment

September is Prostate Cancer Awareness Month and prostate cancer patients need to become the ‘CEO’ of their treatment team.

Chicago, IL, September 15, 2011 --( It is vital that prostate cancer patients take a leadership role and act as the 'CEO' of their treatment team says Norris Beren of Risk Reduction Education, Inc. and a prostate cancer survivor and author of a new book Prostate Cancer - Hope Is Not a Strategy.

In the book, Beren, a former CEO, suggests that the patient surround himself with the most capable professionals but have the leadership role and a 'decision-making process' for analyzing and deciding on his course of treatment. In order to draw more attention to Prostate Cancer Month, the ebook and Kindle versions of the book are specially priced at $ .99.

According to Beren, this business-like approach is similar to the way an executive builds a leadership team and makes decisions on tough and important problems. It's critical to personally know all the available options, learn and understand the facts needed to select the medical procedures as well as the professionals and facility providers.

Written from the prospective of a prostate cancer survivor and business executive, the book tells a story that captures the author's ordeal from a routine medical check-up through testing, diagnosis, treatment, recovery and side effects of prostate cancer. The author encourages men to take responsibility, take control and take action in the course of treatment decisions.

Many books have tackled the subject matter of prostate cancer from the viewpoints of medical doctors, journalists, survivors and family members. This story of a man who has been diagnosed with prostate cancer is different because it captures his need for becoming aware of all the available treatment choices. He offers many tips to be fully engaged in the fact-finding and treatment process to maximize favorable results. "It is necessary to have a decision-making process in place to evaluate and select a course of treatment," Beren suggests. Typically, treatment options discussions are limited to the specialty of the medical providers who are called upon for consultation.

His passion now is to help other men and their loved ones develop a plan of action and avoid being blindsided. "It's a labor of love for me" says author Norris Beren. "By the way, I'm not a medical doctor, so none of this book or what I speak about constitutes medical advice. I strongly urge you to listen to your doctor and everyone on your medical team and then make your own decisions. My advice can be your guide as you consult with experts during this process."

"I hope that my efforts will resonate with the reader or a loved one to give hope and clarity in selecting options. I hope it inspires men and motivates them to become aware, take control and, most important, take action," says Beren.

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